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  1. billyc42x

    thinking of jumping ship on the 250

    Well, first off... the bike is always warmed up before ever riding it...i have 10 air filters that are recycled... so a fresh air filter every ride, and as mentioned earlier oil/filter change @ 2.8 hrs (Torco t4r 100% synthetic oil)... Our mechanic pulled the motor apart... and the top end is perfect! Valves, Head, and cam are perfect! No heat problems, no oil problems.....perfect. Piston is also perfect, no scores! The bottom end simply locked up! Plenty of oil... no abuse at all......
  2. billyc42x

    Which Thumper are you buying in 2006?

    yeah... you are probably right! I have a 2005 that has been bullet proof! I guess I'm bummed.
  3. billyc42x

    thinking of jumping ship on the 250

    Thanks for the reply Joe.... I'm just not sure I understand what you are talking about? "Prolly wasn't his fault...." I like you're thought that parts don't fail!! haha ! I guess I was a bit harsh in my first post, but I've owned appx 30+ Yamaha's in the last 10 years... all have been great. I guess I didn't expect this from Yamaha!!! I understand that some bikes can be a lemon... I got mine!! This forum is to share thoughts and OPINIONS, and like the guys from MOTOWORLD who blew up a 2006 250f in 30 minutes, I wanted to share my experience with my 2006 250f. On the other hand, my 2005 Yz 250f is great!... Never had a problem, raced several nationals with great results.... Maybe this just might raise an awareness for some guy that spends his last dollar to get that shiny new 2006 on the showroom floor all to have it blow-up 30 days later! p.s.....he still has 59 more payments on a bike in pieces in a cardboard box!!!!!!! Thanks JOE!!!!
  4. billyc42x

    thinking of jumping ship on the 250

    You know what.... I will!!!!!!!!! Thanks for the advice..... Ps...... Enjoy those starcrosses!!!!!!!!!!! You RIP!!!!!!!!
  5. billyc42x

    how is the 06 yz250f motor

    I Don't Have Any Pics..... The Motor As It The Dealer In Pieces.... The Top End Is Ok.... However The Bottom End Is Locked Up!
  6. billyc42x

    how is the 06 yz250f motor

    Well I got a 2006 Yamaha Yz 250f in December....It Grenaded January 6!!!!!!!!!! appx 6hrs and a verified oil change @ 2.8 hrs................ Yamaha won't warranty it!!!! Be careful of the awesome OVERREV!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. billyc42x

    thinking of jumping ship on the 250

    Don't buy a 2006 Yamaha YZ250F!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I bought one on December 6, 2005.....The Crank Locked up January 6th 2006!!!!!!!! and Yamaha Won't Warranty it!!! The bike has 6 hours on it with a verified oil change at 2.8 hrs from the dealer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Would you be interested in a gently used one?
  8. billyc42x

    Which Thumper are you buying in 2006?

    I purchased a 2006 Yamaha YZ250f for my 16 year old son in december.... changed the oil after 3 rides, the motor blew up after 3 more rides!!!!!!! Oh, and Yamaha wont' Warranty it!!!!!! It's been less than 30 days!!!! Also, I was talking to another guy at our local track that has a 2006 Yamaha YZ250f with only 33 hours on it (he purchased the hour meter from day 1) It also blew the motor........ Anyone interested in a slightly used Yamaha 250f? I'm gonna sell it and buy a HONDA!!!!!!!!!!!