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  1. Crfonda

    New 06 drz400sm ?

    get the 06. u can get parts off of other 05s and 06s... the 07 seem to have different oem part#s...
  2. Crfonda

    drz 400sm mods

    get a 39Flatside Carb and the yoshi cam with an athena big bore kit. cut as much of the airbox as u can... 3x3 then some holes in the side.... stiffer springs up front and an adjustable ohlines rear shock is what i have for suspension. i would like to upgrade the entire brake system to a 320 rotor and new calipers .. but the average guys wallet can usually afford EBC HH sintered pads + SS lines. bleed with some motul high temp brake fluid and youre good.
  3. Crfonda

    sell sportbike for supermoto?

    i sold the streetbike for the sumo. if u dont have to travel over 40mi one way on freeway. just do it!
  4. Crfonda

    Valve work for yosh 450 kit

    finally the serious power mods eric! hopefully ill c u on Saturdays ride? i wanna see if my bike pulls like yours n Sams yoshi 450s. when my new 440 setup was put back together i had the head ported. the power feels real smooth.
  5. Crfonda

    Another stolen bike!!!

    i hate that shit. sorry to hear bro. ill keep an eyes out down here... was it at your home location??
  6. Crfonda

    New Socal Sm Ride!!!north Meets South

    cant make it guys. my motor ended up being grenaded. a full rebuild will be done by next week thanks to glen at hypersports.
  7. Crfonda

    470 has problems

    well ends up i grenaded the motor. ring gone, broken piston etc.... eddie you were right about this kit being trouble... and it happened just as i expected. kit lasted probably around 2k. a new 440 build with ported head is what is next to come.
  8. Crfonda

    470 has problems

    is your coolant level good after rides??? i was wondering if the smoke i get from decel/downshifting was coolant in the engine.
  9. Crfonda

    470 has problems

    rmcnelly, im waiting to put in my copper coated cometic Hgasket as well, but that white smoke you get at stop lights is similar to what i experienced a couple of weeks ago. i tried to "wave" the smoke near my helmet to see what it smells like but couldnt get a strong odor. from visual examination on my bike which had the overflow tank full, i assumed it was coolant getting on a header/exhaust pipe. but mine was coming up from the left side(coolant tank side) of the bike... same with you??
  10. Crfonda

    New Socal Sm Ride!!!north Meets South

    dang sam. dorry to hear about that spill. I was scheduled to go ride yest and wouldve probably run into you guys... but i am going to pray that glen @ hypersports will be able to get my bike done his week. im having withdrawls... for not being able to ride for 2 weeks now. if there is enough SuMos gathered... does anyone know what it would cost to get the Streets of Willow for a day?? i bet with ads in this forum and SMJ, we'd have 20+...
  11. Crfonda

    New Socal Sm Ride!!!north Meets South

    i am ready anytime... i get my head gasket put it LOL. i have about a few rides on my bald PPowers as well.. hopefully i can find a good shop by next sat.
  12. Crfonda

    16/38 SM road gears... how high can you go?...

    i ordered a 40tooth which had to be made (as most odd sized sprockets are) for me and i recieved my order of 3 different sizes within 5 days of my PHONE order...
  13. Crfonda

    470 has problems

    thnx sounds good. im gathering the materials now.
  14. Crfonda

    470 has problems

    is there a place anywhere i can send my replacement head gaskets to be copper coated??
  15. Crfonda

    16/38 SM road gears... how high can you go?...

    i have the 39 SS rear for about 3000+... it has so far outlasted the oem chain... i jsut bought a 40t soon to go on with a new gold chain!