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  1. racerx18

    The "official" I'll be in Orlando for the SX thread...

    Im in section 108 i think, its the sideline. im probably going to get there early at like 11:00am because practice starts at 12:30. It will give me time to walk the pits.
  2. racerx18

    float level

    How do you ajust your float level on a 06yz250f? My bike wont start and i read a thread on this kids bike that wont start and people said it was the float level.
  3. racerx18

    Clutch Trouble

    I just changed the oil in my bike because it was doing the same thing. I used honda gn4 oil and that stuff is terrible. This time I bought Motul 10w-40 oil and it fixed it right up.
  4. racerx18

    West Palm Beach Florida

    I live in Boynton Beach
  5. racerx18

    06 YZ250F / Lowering radiators?

    Does lowering the radiators interfere with the stock head pipe?
  6. racerx18

    06 250f Eng same as 05

    I read that the engine was mostly the same with just a few small changes.
  7. racerx18

    Anyone have any problems with the 06s??

    My 06 yz250f has been starting up first kick mostly everytime I ride. I also had not one problem with my bike at all. I herd the kxf's had a shifting problem and they werent to reliable.
  8. racerx18

    03 YZF exhaust on a 06 YZF

    I dont think it will fit because of the new aluminum frame. I think most of the mounts are different. But its woth a try.
  9. racerx18

    problems with yama-lube "R"

    I had the same problem on my bike except i was using honda gn4. Thats all my dealer had do i thought i would try it. im going to use bel ray thumper oil next time.
  10. dirtrider tested it at 97db's
  11. racerx18

    Orlando Supercross

    im in section 108 on the floor. seats
  12. racerx18

    2006 yz250f oil

    Thanks for the posts. One more question, what is good oil to use?
  13. racerx18

    2006 yz250f oil

    I went to change the oil the other day on my 06yz250f and i noticed there was only one oil fill cap. Where does the transmission oil go? The manual only says the engine oil goes in that filler cap. Thanks
  14. racerx18

    how is the 06 yz250f motor

    i just got a 06 yz250f and the bike is crazy fast. it revs out so far and has a ton of bottom end. Plus they are the most reliable engines.