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  1. keg07

    XR400 jetting. Help me gurus!

    Thanks men. I oreder a 60 pilot today from the local Honda shop. Thought it was a bit slack that they don't keep ém in stock. Should be here Tuesday. Will post results.
  2. Hi all. I have searched through here for a while and cannot find a similar question to the one I want to ask. So here it is. I have a 2000 XR400. 11:1 wiseco hi-comp piston, stage 2 hotcam, snorkel removed, twin air filter + cage, header welds ground, e series WB (12 discs) exhaust. The problem is it bogs down dramatically under load only on steep hills and makes tackling them very frustrating. I ride mostly around sea level, current jetting is 162 main and 55 slow jet. plug seems about the right colour. Is the answer a larger slow jet? With the mods mentioned should I be looking at a larger main jet? Any input appreciated. thanks...keg.
  3. keg07

    SDG high seat?

    Hi all, Anyone got a picture of a XR400 with a SDG high seat?
  4. keg07

    Ballards Luggage Rack

    You probably wont find one. Ballards make their own racks. Have you tried calling or emailing them? I'm sure they would ship internationally. You'd save a few dollars with the exchange rate too.
  5. Hi all, Are there any owners of a XR400 with a White Brothers E series exhaust? How many of those disc should be fitted? Is the performance of the exhaust reliant on the spark arrestor to be in place? Does the product when new come with jetting recommendations? I have one obviously, but it was on the bike when I bought it,2000 model. I have contacted the manufacturer but I am still waiting for their reply. Can anyone help?