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  1. Thanks, found the part number for the 'E' petcock "COCK ASSY, FUEL 44300-29F10", but its way more than the $20 bucks that I have seen people mention. Also, there are five tank options k1- k4 and a 'Y' model. I dont know what the difference is between the tanks but the petcock is the same.
  2. I just started having the exact same problem and I've read various posts and it seems to be a common problem. I also read that it would be better to use the petcock for the 'E' bike, does anyone have that part number for the petcock that everyone seems to be using. Also does anyone know if the petcocks are all the same for the various DRZ years and if the bike is or is not the SuperMoto version? I have an 03 Kawi 400SR. thanks all in advance.
  3. marcom007

    CR8E VS CR8E spark plug

    thanks again. I replaced the plug with the CR9E and bike starts right up just like it use to. I will look into the irridium plugs and also keep a couple extra CR8Es on hand.
  4. marcom007

    CR8E VS CR8E spark plug

    As always, thanks Gents! I don't use the KLX for technical off-road rides it was way to heavy to pick up when I got stuck on hills or fell off in general on tight trails. I now use it as the ultimate urban commute vehicle to get to work and run around SF. For the off-road technical stuff I have a ktm200 sx, much lighter among other things. One other thing, I bough the KLX from the original owner a couple of years ago with 600 miles. It now has about 11K miles and I have never changed the plug. I checked it at 6K miles and it looked to be in good condition so I put it back in (mostly cus I relied on the guy at a parts couter to provide me with the correct plug, he did not so I put the old one back in). The plug was not dirty or looked warned at that time, so I re set the gap @ .028", bike ran fine. Not to sound overly ingonoarnt but other than the metal 'electrode' on the plug being rounded or pitten what are the indicators of a worn out plug and or are they even visible (other than the obvious). Thanks agian.
  5. marcom007

    CR8E VS CR8E spark plug

    Since we are on the topic of spark plugs. I looked on line at one of those micro-fische parts catalogs and it listed the stock plug for a 2003 KLX400SR as the CR8E, but then it said it had been superseded by the cr9e. Has anyone run the cr9e and is it a colder or a hotter plug? I live in the SF Bay area and would like to run the best plug for the local conditions. Thanks
  6. marcom007

    Rough idle, popping on deceleration and other

    As previously mentioned I took off the carburator and have cleaned all the jets and their respective caveties. When I took out the fuel screw though there was no o-ring and I remember reading a post that there should be an o-ring with the fuels screw. When I took the fuel screw out there was a spring, a small thin washer and the screw itself. Would the 0-ring be at the bottom under the spring and washer and I missed it or shoud it have been at the top between the spring and fuel screw? Also, after further review it looks like the previous owner installed a Muszzy full system along withthe dynojet kit as it was packaged with a 136 primary and the stock 22.5 pilot but just removed the airbox snorkle. Since I have this appart I will follow the posted suggestions and cut the airbox 3X3 and up the jet sizes to a 140 Primary and 25 pilot with the fuel screw 2.5 to 3 turns out as most of you have done. Any other suggestions before I put this back? Thanks again for all the help.
  7. marcom007

    Rough idle, popping on deceleration and other

    Thanks for the replies. I will contact Muzzy and also take a look at the plug. As for the airbox, it looks to be stock with no mods other than the KN in it. Thanks again By the way, the exhaust getting red hot was not normal right? Has anyone else experieced that?
  8. marcom007

    Rough idle, popping on deceleration and other

    Thanks for the suggestion Burned. I did as you suggested, but it did not help. After draining all the fuel from the carb I took sprayed around the carburetor with carb cleaner trying to find leaks and as I sprayed on the right side the idle kept going up momentarily. I looked around for a loose hose or boot connection but could not find any. So then I took the top end off the carburetor, took the diaphram and need out, made sure they were clean and put it all back. In the process I made sure that the small o-ring was back in its position and the diaphram seal was in its seat. I started the bike and it was running worse than before. At mid and high idle it was sputtering and popping. At idle it would die and idle rough. I let it warm up a bit in mid idle then closed the idle and let it sit idle at normal speed at this point it started to idle semi-ok but not like it originally did prior to my initial problem. Then I put it back on mid idle to see it that ran any better and it did not, but I then noticed that the exhaust manifold was red hot, as well as the top 6 or 8 inched of the header (did not seem normal to me). When I turned down from mid idle the header and manifold cooled and changed color. I spoke to a friend and he suggested that I might have a clogged primary jet witch was causing a very lean condition. With out having another alternative a proceeded to take off the carb to check the jets. I followed the link http://members.shaw.ca/anethema/djinstall.html to guide me though the process. Very helpful, Thanks. What I found for jetting in the carb was a 22.5 pilot jet and a 136 primary. I purchased the bike used and it already had a Muzzy full exhaust with a KN filter and looks like the jets were also changed. I live in California, SF to be exact and I was hoping some one advice me on the jetting since I noticed that on the link they were changing them to a 25 pilot and a 140 primary. THANKS AGAIN
  9. Hi just wanted to get some input from some carburation gurus: I have a 2003 KLX400S that I recently took for an off-road ride that included a couple of hard spills in mud and water. Ever since then, the bike has been dying at idle and pops severely under deceleration. It pops the most under low speed deceleration like on the street but not much or at all at freeway speeds. I increased the idle speed a bit just so it will idle, added some carb cleaner to the fuel tank and filled it with premium gas. The additive and gas have not made a difference so I'm hoping that some out there has some suggestions. thanks