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  1. GreenRiverRider

    DIY Re-jet and 3x3 Thread

    Very nice write up! I've been thinking of doing the 3x3 and rejet this winter. Now I'm definitely inspired. Thanks for your time and effort.
  2. GreenRiverRider

    Sylva NC dual sport riders

    Damn, kelloggss! You know all of that area, don't you? I ran into you out there a couple of weeks ago. Well, my buddy on the KTM almost ran into you. I rode up behind him and met you after his near miss. When AppalachianDR told me he rode with a guy on a yellow DRZ, I figured it was you. I hate I missed the ride with you and AppalachianDR and hope to hit it with y'all next time.
  3. GreenRiverRider

    Sylva NC dual sport riders

    mdrake - I'd love to join you sometime, but probably can't this weekend. I'll PM you next time and maybe we can explore some more of that area.
  4. GreenRiverRider

    How Hot is Too Hot?

    This seems too hot to me. My S hasn't gotten over 212 while riding slow offroad stuff in the summer, but that's because of the fan. Someone else with more mechanical experience can hopefully chime in to say whether 235 is hot enough to cause any warping of the internal components over time, but my guess is it couldn't be good for it.
  5. GreenRiverRider

    Sylva NC dual sport riders

    I was out there last weekend with App DR and am thinking about going again on Sunday. Shoot me a PM if you want to go and I'll try to meet you. App DR, I'll call you if I head that way. Shannon
  6. GreenRiverRider

    drz does the grand canyon

    Wow, that's a nice ride. Thanks for taking the time to post it, rydnseek. The Grand Canyon looks like a spectacular place.
  7. GreenRiverRider

    UFO Tailight Mod - Please Help!

    I did too. Woodbutcher is right-- it is a pain to take the extender out without unplugging the taillight wiring. I hacked mine until I could split it to get it around the wiring. To me, it serves no purpose whatsoever and I'm not using it again anyway. If anything, I think the taillight protrudes less and is less prone to breaking when I drop it on rocks around here. I also cut the lower part of the fender off just below the license plate mount. The second part was done the first week I had the bike. Strictly cosmetic. I just couldn't stand the looks of that huge mudflap fender. But, this is all off topic from the original question. And to that, I have no experience with the UFO taillight. It does look cool, though.
  8. GreenRiverRider

    New MX boots and shifting.

    Exactly what colorado4wheeler said. Cut the sprocket cover and the shifter will go 2 notches up from the stock setup. Even it you don't need to get your size 14's under the lever, my riding buddies say it will keep you from breaking your toe on a rock or root when shifting.
  9. GreenRiverRider

    Trailtech Dashboard wiring.

    Yeah, it does stay on too long. I wonder how long that lithium backup battery will last.
  10. GreenRiverRider

    Trailtech Dashboard wiring.

    I mostly lurk this site, but I have to say that TT rocks! There's been a bunch of posts lately about the TrailTech Vapor that inspired me to buy one after I crushed my computer on the trail a few months ago. My dashboard lights were crushed, too-- so I bought the Trailtech dashboard that surrounds the Vapor. The dashboard wiring is a little confusing, but after searching this forum for a wiring diagram, I found exactly what I needed. I cut the factory dashboard wiring above the waterproof connector so I could splice everything in and still unplug it at will. The factory connector has 8 wires (I think), but I only needed 6 of them to wire the Trailtech dashboard. It really doesn't matter which color wires are used on the supplied dashboard lights (each light has 2 leads). These are the colors I used, followed by the factory wiring harness colors (the important ones), and the dashboard light each controls: orange---------> orange/green = neutral indicator (+) green----------> blue/black = neutral indicator (-) blue-----------> black/yellow = high beam (+) black----------> black/white = high beam (-) light green-----> light green = right blinker (+) black----------> black/white = right blinker (-) light blue------> black = left blinker (+) green---------> black/white = left blinker (-) Note that 3 of the dashboard lights share the same ground wire. Since the Vapor computer has a programmable warning indicator for the engine temperature, I saw no need to wire the idiot light from the original factory dash. And, since the left/right blinkers are separated, there's no need to use a diode in the dashboard wiring. Someone on this thread mentioned trying to figure out a safe place to run the speedometer sensor wire. I didn't like the tight fit of trying to run the speedo wire through the brakeline guides, so I decided to remove the stock speedo bracket (mounted to the right side of the front fender) and remount it to the lower triple clamp on the left side. It allows the cable to move up and down freely and doesn't interfere with my Unabiker radiator guards at full steering lock. Down at the bottom of the fork, I used a standard wire clamp to secure the speedo wire and keep it from pulling out of the magnetic speedo sensor mounted to the caliper. Here's the stock computer bracket I cut and modified to mount the Vapor computer: Here's the finished product: And here's how I mounted the speed sensor: I like everything about the Vapor, except for two things: (1) it has only one trip odometer. I like to keep track of my mileage on every tank with one trip meter, and use the other one for other stuff. And, (2) the dashboard indicator lights are not bright enough to see in full sunlight. Things I like most about the Vapor: (1) Cool blue backlight, (2) Engine temperature display (I used the M6 direct bolt-in on the left radiator), (3) Tachometer, because it's just cool, and (4) I got to keep my stock mileage thanks to Trailtech entering a code to adjust the total mileage before I mounted it to the DRZ. Mostly, I like this site for the wealth of shared knowledge which made this an easy install. Shannon
  11. GreenRiverRider

    Footpegs for a DR200SE

    This may be old news to some, but I thought I'd post this for anyone who didn't know this: 1990-1995 DR250, 1990-1998 DR350, & 1996-2007 DR650 footpegs will fit the DR200SE. I've been searching dirt footpegs for my wife's 2003 DR200SE for some time now. When I bought it used last year, it had some funky street pegs that are as slick as wet owl sh*! when wet or muddy. After pricing the multi-piece factory pegs, I just couldn't bring myself to pay $100+ for pegs that I would've wanted to upgrade immediately if there were any aftermarket choices out there, so I started researching the dealer microfiche library to see if I could find another bike that had the same pegs. I came up with these: Here's another shot of the whole bike: These are the IMS Superstock footpegs. They fit right from the box without any grinding or other modifications.
  12. GreenRiverRider

    some one to ride with

    I'm in Flat Rock and will ride with you. Where in WNC are you located? Shannon Nicholson