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    Bikes are my passion (sportbikes and dirtbikes), tinkering in the garage, my 4x4 Ram pickup,
  1. combatcraig

    DRZ400e engine case?

    My neighbor has an 03 DRZ 400. Last weekend a rock put a hole in his left side engine case in front of the shifter. We got it patched with some "jb weld" and it's still holding fine but he'd like to replace the case. Don't hold it against me but I'm a CRF guy and don't know a whole lot about the DRZ aftermarket. Where can he get replacement side cover?
  2. combatcraig

    When will the 450X get a make-over?

    Sooo, the 09's are out... I was really hoping the 450X would get a "make-over". I have an 06' 450R that I love. But shortly after buying it, I realized I should have gotten the 450X. Most of the places I ride are tight trails and the 450R can be a workout. On the fast open trails and tracks (Durhamtown, GA) it is awesome but I only spend about 25% of my riding in areas like that. Having a lower 1st gear and higher top (like the X) would be great. Electric start would be nice, too. I'm really hoping NEXT year the 450X will get a makeover and FI, maybe put it on a diet, etc.
  3. combatcraig

    How to check Engine coolant level?

    When I filled my 06' all the way up it would boil over and settle at about the top of the fins. I ride on tight trails in the woods so I don't get the best airflow when it's slow going. In the summer time it can overheat pretty quick so I installed an overflow kit. There are a couple companies making them. Only cost about $40 and was easy to install, now I don't worry about overheating.
  4. combatcraig

    Best place to buy New/Used '08 450?

    The best place to buy any new Honda is at Chatanooga, TN. They are a Honda wholesaler and no local dealer will even come close to their prices. http://www.southernhonda.com/testimonials_display.asp
  5. combatcraig

    Converting 06 crf450r for woods

    At a minimum, this would be what I'd put on a woodsbike: radiator cages, skid plate/case guards, radiator overflow kit, spark arrestor and a rekluse auto clutch. Post pics when you get done.
  6. combatcraig

    New 2008 CRF150 is a dog.

    Everything you need to know about this project is in the stickys on this forum. Read it, go get the jets/needle you need and do it. This carb is easy to take off and apart compared to the bigger bikes and it won't take you that long. You'll be glad you did.
  7. combatcraig

    New 2008 CRF150 is a dog.

    While it's no 150R my daughter's 06 150f performed noticably better after I removed the inner baffle, put in a better air filter, opened up the top of the airbox and rejetted it for the conditions where we ride. After doing that it started much easier and warmed up alot quicker as well. It's also a heavy bike for it's size. Just keep in mind what it was designed for. It's fun to ride and play on, especially for my daughter who is a beginner. We mostly trail ride but she's had it on some tracks as well and has a ball on it. Overall it's a perfect beginner bike. When she's ready for more power I'll put in an Engines Only big bore kit or move her up to a 150r or 230f.
  8. combatcraig

    07 ttr125le hard to start

    It may be normal but you don't have to put up with it. My daughter's was the same way until I jetted it. It's not hard. Read the sticky, it has all the info you need.
  9. combatcraig

    CRF150 big bore kit and carb?

    I was wondering that, too. I want to buy the 225cc kit for my daughters 06 150f and the kit isn't too bad but the carb and exhaust make the total package pretty pricey for a "play bike". Wish honda would just come out with a 150x with electric start!!!
  10. combatcraig

    06 CRF450R gets a facelift...sorta.

    Wow, really nice!
  11. combatcraig

    Best MX stand...

    http://www.moto-tek.com/threeinone.html If you're dead set on a fixed stand, I like this one. You can use it as a conventional stand or flip it upside down and roll into it and get of your bike, no need for kickstand/triangle. I also use it as a wheel chock when tying my bike down on the trailer.
  12. combatcraig

    1st ride on rekluse

    So with the rekluse, you only use the clutch when putting it in first and when shifting gears? You can roll to a stop in gear and it won't stall?
  13. combatcraig

    Best MX stand...

    I second the FMF lift/stand. It is way easier to use when I'm tired and is surprisingly, really stable. I have a fixed stand but my 450r has no handles and since I'm only 5'8" tall it is awkward to lift on my fixed stand (now I use that one for my kids bikes).
  14. I survived another day at Durhamtown. If you're anywhere near Georgia, you really have to check this place out. I spent about half the day on a couple of the 5 motocross tracks. I was feeling pretty comfortable out there. A couple of times I got a little sideways in the air and didn't land totally straight. When I got off the track there was an "old timer" there that said, "do you know why you got sideways"? "No", obviously. He told me to keep my knees against the tank or seat (basically squeeze your knees together) to keep the bike straight. Sure enough, I flew true on every jump the rest of the afternoon. Just thought I'd pass the tip along for us "old guys". All in all it was a great day. My daughters had a blast and didn't break anything that I wasn't able to fix.
  15. LOL, this is a great post. I'm 37 and got back on dirtbikes about 7 months ago after street riding for the past 20 years. Of course my ego forced me to get an 06' CRF450r. If I had to do it over again I would have gotten a 250 two stroke for awhile. I spend about half my time on trails and love my 450 for that but it is way too much of a handful on a track. Fortunately I'm wiser than I was 20 years ago and I hate pain so I spend alot of time following my daughter's (playing blocker) while on the motocross tracks. When they get tired I'll run a lap or two on my own at a faster pace. I'm not sure why but 4 strokes are much more picky about throttle position (on/off) when jumping and that seems to decide whether or not you're going to land on your back tire (looking at your gas tank) or landing on your front tire (looking at the dirt with your neck straining to look up) or God willing, flat. I'm still figuring it out. Being older and wiser I don't push it too much. I suck on the rhythm sections too and hate landing on the face of jumps instead of the backside (anyone else been there?). Two weeks ago at Durhamtown I was following my daughter and this kid goes screaming by us like he's being chased by the truancy officer and hits this huge tabletop in at least 3rd gear, hard on the gas. When I get to the top of it I can see him rolling around on the side of the track with his KX450f in a heap next to him. Track workers are sprinting to him so I speed up to see if I can help. He's screaming in pain and keeps saying his engine died on the face. I'm no Doc so the answer was no. He had a bone sticking out of his forearm. His riding days are over for several months and that's why I swallow my pride and continue to ride within my abilities. One things for sure, I love dirtbikes and this hobby is the most fun you can have with your clothes on. Have fun and be safe out there.