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  1. Its time to up grade my stock head light on my 2014 500 EXC , Looking at Baja Designs or Trail Tech or what other brand. What's recommended , I want broad beam across the trail an distance down the trail , also street legal... so who has it.
  2. 2006 DRZ 400 Stock motor, Air box opened up, FMF Power core exh sys. As of now the carb. has a 160 Main 45 pilot , clip on third groove on needle , air fuel mixture 2 1/2 turns out . Bike starts on choke off choke dies , even with a blip of throttle off choke bike wants to start but wont run . is it the same carb as 39 mm . So whats the correct jetting I need .
  3. Ive installed a Kehin 41 mm carb. on my DRZ 400 its jetted like a 39 mm carb. The motor is all stock , did the 3x3 air box has full FMF pipe on it. The jetting is 160 main, 45 pilot clip on third groove on needle , 2 1/2 turns on air fuel mixture. The bike will start with choke on then off choke bike dies . Back on choke the bike starts again . Where do I go from here ? If I give the bike some gas on choke then kill the choke it will run but not idle have ran idle up , bike runs but wont restart unless on choke. I've tried a few combinations of jets nothing works just right. Does anyone know the correct jetting to solve the problem
  4. Hey Bill been reading your request for Orange Crest riders I'm in mission grove across the street from Barton an Alessandro . I've lived here for 40 yrs across from Sycamore Canyon , anyways I ride a 500 exc . I think you might have run across a buddy of mine at grove church on his new "16" 500 exc . He was coming through the trails behind the ammo bunkers a few months ago you gave him your number an said you were ridding from Denneys in Devore that Sunday ?
  5. motok55

    2016 EXC muffler screen removal

    Hey Bro my buddy just bought a "16" 500 exc an reworked his end cap like what we saw on a nother dual sport web site made all the difference in the world then adjusted the TPS . I just picked up a 2014 500 exc an did the same , the spark arestor screen is inside of end cap we strightend up the flow . I can do yours if you want.
  6. Hey fellow Orange Cult Brothers after pressure washing my bike the other day ,now the blinkers don't work . Started at switch tracing no power... no power at the the plug at loom at steering head ..checked fuse good , followed the wire loom back to the electric connections under seat . Don't know were to go from here . I know what it looks like from pictures on the web, but were is it located on the bike.
  7. motok55

    40mm keihin on drz 400

    Just scored a keihin 40mm carb from a buddy of mine it came off his crf 450 x now i want to install it on my 06 drz 400 what will it take to make the fit an jetting. I have a full fmf pipe 3x3 mod .
  8. I want to change my petcock in my DRZ 400 2006 when I up date to a plastic tank what year raptor petcock is used and is the hole sizes the same.
  9. motok55

    Air box mod

    My air box opening is 5" x3" is that to much air? did the JD jet kit runs good still pops a little on decell have a full FMF pipe . Whats the deal with the raptor pet cock, dont like stock DRZ 400 .For running fuel out of carb
  10. I just purchased a 2006 drz 400 -S finished convert to dual sport the previous owner opened up the air box to 5" x 3" is that to much air? Ive been reading that 3" x 3" is the size to cut the box It has a full FMF pipe just rejeted with JD kit new air cleaner still pops a little on decell waitin on an external air fuel screw all ready drilled out the plug in the bottom carb, i adj the fuel screw out 2 1/2 turns out as JD said going to try another 1/4 turn on next ride.
  11. When installing new water pump seals an oil seal in case for the water pump shaft do the seal #s have to be facing out so they can be that read or does it matter, and does the bearing play a part in keep water from leaking out the weep hole on a CRF 450 04
  12. motok55

    water pump seals

    Is there a correct way to install water pump seals on 450 .#s showing or not an or oil seal also in case half, can the bearing play a part in water leaking ouy weep hole ?
  13. motok55

    water pump leak crf 450

    My 04 crf 450 water pump continues to leak water out weep hole have replaced shaft , seals twice , replaced cap with higher pressure to keep from over heating that when the problem started a couple yrs ago. The left rad has a slight bend in it but not collapsed or flow restriction. What can be the problem.
  14. motok55

    Leaky Water Pump

    i have a 04 crf 450 with a water pump that i kant get to stop from spiting water out weep hole when i rev it up . have replaced shaft, seals twice , replaced cap with 1.8 presure. left side rad is a little bend but dosent look restricted flow what to do.