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  1. TTR125_yz250f

    Advice on what kind of bike for me.

    Alright ,so a 125 or a 250f ? Got it, I know I wanted to sit on a 125 not too long ago. Yet they were all bunched together, and the dealer was a little bit off balanced to me anyhow. So I just didn't bother. Thank you so much.
  2. TTR125_yz250f

    Advice on what kind of bike for me.

    Sorry about that. About one twenty.
  3. This is probably in the wrong area. If so, do forgive. I think I got confused with the distractions around the house and the computer acting up. Anyhow, I've been riding a TT-R 125 for a year now. Strictly riding the hell out of the thing. Up to three hours almost every day. Rain, sleet, snow. .whatever . Doesn't matter to me. I want to race, badly. Sure, I'd like to enter the bike I have now into the mini class. But all the stuff I want on it ,might as well equal up to another bike. Was thinking about just adding a new pipe on this one, a sprocket maybe. New suspension, and forks. Frame cradle, triple clamps, and a swing arm. To heighten it if only just a bit. Feel like I'm too big for the thing. Not that I don't love it . Nor will I ever sell it. Yet to beat it all, my heart is already set for another bike. Yet I'm stuck. . I'm probably atleast five'five. If not just a inch smaller. I'm not even sure. I just know I'm around that height. I never rode a two stroke in my life. So as my first two stroke, do you think I should get a yz85 or a yz125 ? I'm so confused.