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    I am sure there was some in there. I tipped it straight up to let it run out of the exhaust, let the air cleaner sit out in the sun for a while, pulled the plug and let it sit for a while, and with the plug out I turned the gas off and drained the carb and then turned it over for a min or two with the plug out until there was no mist spraying out of the plug hole. I did what I could for being out in the middle of nowhere. And it was about 4 o clock and wehn your down in the valleys around here we try and be out by 5 since after 5 it gets real dark real fast, and I wasnt going to just leave me bike down there in the woods. What would you have done.
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    Can anyone tell me some symptoms of a blown head gasket. My 02 ttr250 was smoking so i changed the valve seals and it didnt help. I checked the piston and cylinder for scoring, and only found one little scratch towards the top of the cylinder.....It doesnt look big enough to let oil by tho, but i am not a mechanic either. The piston is in good shape. Later on today I am going to check the ring specs. I guess what I am asking is if the rings check out what else should I check to cause smoking? I am curious what the signs of a bloqwn head gasket are. It is porbably not relavant but would be good to know. And the same day it messed up I layed it down in about3.5 ft of water and it sucked quite a bit up and didint start for a while. I had to get it started though because I was about a 45 min ride away from the trailer and the trails down here are to small and rough to drive on. Thanks
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    Thanks for the help guys. I got to looking at it and the piston moves back and forth quite a bit inside of the cylinder so I guess thats bad news. Does anyone know if anyone else has the 325 kit besides Thumper racing. Thanks guys
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    I have an 02 ttr250 and the last time I went riding I came out of a corner and got on it and then poof a big puff of blue smoke came out and never went away. I then went home and pulled the head and replaced the exhaust valve seals and one guide. I put it back together and started it up and it did not fix a damn thing. I pulled the head again last night and the valves dont look like they are leaking from what I can tell . Does anyone have any suggestions of anything else it could be. Thanks Ryan