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  1. Hunter Nelson one of my best buds. Pics taken at ET motopark
  2. Does it not have a bracket ? to bolt it on to the frame ?
  3. ET Motopark series. Its in Arizona. Win novice sometimes
  4. Im new to fourstrokes, my family has 6 two strokes and this is our first Its an 05 yz450f It backfires when I am say 3rd mid and shift down to second. It doesnt do it really besides then. Also when you rev it, when it is decelerating it go to idle speed a little under choke for a sec then back to regular idle. anyone can help ?
  5. Still waiting on pt clamps and bars. Tell me what you think. Before. After.
  6. Ok, this is kinda hard to explain. Pretty much on my 80 and 250 If it is on the stand and the back wheel is in the air. I can move the swing arm up, it is loose somewhere around the linkage. CAn someone help me with whats wrong ?
  7. ApMx

    Aluminum Framed KTM?

    Haahah have you ever ridden an aluminum frame yz125 or 250..
  8. ApMx

    Two '07 KTM 144sx's....

    So Socket, Where are you gonna go blow it again, motogrande ? JK You know im jealous. Didn't Billy get one too ?
  9. Post your rm's with blue !!! LETS SEE IT
  10. ApMx

    Blue seat cover/

    Its an 02