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  1. chris-ride-250x-good

    Tennessee nashville

    im a MSXC rider and need a place to practice. any places within a hour of nashville? single track or motorcross
  2. chris-ride-250x-good

    Bull $H1t

    i had a crfx before my 250sxf and i spent alot more time doing maintenace on the honda then i do on the ktm. maybe i got a good sip of that coolaid.
  3. chris-ride-250x-good

    What is a good exhaust seal

  4. chris-ride-250x-good

    New frame photos

    having no linkage is one reason i bought a ktm i got tired of pulling the linkage off my crf and cleaning it, and now that i have had the ktm sxf revalved for the woods i think it works better then the crfx did.
  5. chris-ride-250x-good

    08' KTM XCF-W or 08' CRF250X

    same here i went from a 05 250x to a 07 sxf that i have turned into a woods bike. I like the light weight feel and the handling of the ktm over the honda and i really don't miss the e-start. all i wish i had for my ktm was a heavier flywheel but nobody is currently making one. the valves on my Honda went out a 66 hours and on my college budget thats alot of money to have to put into a bike and it really sucks when it happens mid season. i bought my ktm because i have talked to people that have 300 hr on there 07 sxf valves with out a problem.
  6. chris-ride-250x-good

    which 08 450?

    08 ktm 450 or 505 xcf
  7. chris-ride-250x-good

    scott summers ends with honda

    the bmw is supposed to be very lite.
  8. chris-ride-250x-good

    What number plate backgrounds do you use?

    ridepg.com best i have used.
  9. chris-ride-250x-good

    Tire Balls. Anyone Got Em'? Good/Bad/Indifferent?

    i have had the plesure of speaking with wade, at some of the mid-south hare scramble races he used to come to and he has convinced me that tire balls is a great product.
  10. chris-ride-250x-good

    2008 SXF250 is in the house

    looks good man, i have a 07 im setting up for hare scrambles here in the states, just got my suspension back from getting a revalve. is that a stock spring or a progressive?
  11. chris-ride-250x-good

    Ktm 250 SX-F For Trail Riding?

    i moved from a crf250x to a ktm 250sxf for hare scrambles. so far on the trail at my house i like it alot. i getting the suspension done at the moment tho.
  12. chris-ride-250x-good

    Bike Problem

    try draining the float bowl, there could be water in the carb from washing the bike.
  13. chris-ride-250x-good

    Waterproofing the SX-F airboxes....

    thanks gmoss
  14. chris-ride-250x-good

    Waterproofing the SX-F airboxes....

    does anyone have any pics of this... thanks Chris #7
  15. chris-ride-250x-good

    springs 07 250sxf

    what spring rates do you recommend for a 165 170 lbs rider? racing hare scrambles, east coast.