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  1. well i just figured out my problem and it was the crankbearing went out. and the flakes form the bearing going out jammed inbetween the crank and engine case when it was running and thats what caused to to lock up. and where you get all ur shavings from. I just ordered all my parts and the bill was 500. i went all oem. i got crank, crankbearings, piston, piston rings, connecting rod, wrist, pin, and all gaskets, and flywheel puller. i think that is it i think there might have been some other stuff im forgetting but thats it.
  2. i just pulled my engine tonight and we will begin tearing it down tommorow night soo ill tell you what info i gather on that adventure.
  3. Wow this just happened to me as well but i didnt have any success on the post keep this updated cause i had the exact problems with my bike. Oil is in the middle of the dip stick in all to. but i dont know what happned to it my dad was riding it when it quit him.
  4. My crf 250 did the same thing. Turns out that the intake valve didnt even have 0.001 in of clearance. Another way to tell if its the valves if you notice power losses. And my bike used a little oil while it was doing this. Has the valves ever been shimmed b4? if not this will get you by the first time go to your local dealer and ask them to do it. if you dont have any mechanicaing skills, but if you do get a manual and try figuring it out this is what i did it is actually quite simple.
  5. Whoops i forgot to put this in there. After we loaded it up i was ticked so i got in one of the tractors and started takin my pain out on saplings that needed to be pulled and after a good hour of that i go back and check my oil in my bike and it was nearly full!! soo it mustnt have been oil starvation. another factor could be this. on thanksgiving day i was going to my gf's familys house for thanksgiving and i didnt have any cash to go to the gas station that has 93 octane fuel. so i had to go to the mfa and use my petro card but the highest octane they had was 89 with 10% ethanol. Now would this have mattered? everyone ive asked has said no but i just want to get the opinion of the world wide web. And tonight when i got my bike back in teh basement i pulled the tranny oil check plug and oil came out soo idk what to think. thanks for any help or opinions or w/e you want to say.
  6. Today i was riding to work down the road from my house. I figured i would just ride over there on my bike instead of taking my truck. This place isnt but like 10 miles away on a gravel road. Soo i get there and it starts to act like its dieing and it dies right as i get to where i want to stop. It sounded like it was out of gas soo i looked and it had 3/4 of a tank. Then i went inside and ate our breakfast that was serverved for us and dad tells me to take his truck and go fuel the tractors soo i take off and i get to the tractors and they are like a mile away down in the bottom but i can see my bike from there. And i see somebody mount it and try kicking it. I figured it was dad just taking my bike down here since i took his truck. But then i see him roll down the hill and stop. and kick some more, and some more and some more. THen i see him take off and figure it was just flooded. then i look back up and he is at the edge of the field stopped again kicking it. so i finished fueling the tractors and drove over there and i pulled up along side of him and with the windows still up i see him mouth " Its locked up " but i didnt want to let that register so i pretend i didnt understand. So i get out and walk over to him and sure enough the kickstarter is locked into the most upper position it can be in the only thing you can do to it is flip it out and push down a little then the gears catch and you stop. Dad said he wiggled around on it when it died the first time and he got it going again. But i didnt want to mess with it anymore so i didnt cause anymore problems. Now can anybody please tell me what to look forward for? Or all the posibilites it could be. I didnt hear it run after it locked up the first time so i cant explain anymore. Anything to help ease the pain. Thanks
  8. ya no problem in neutral, oh ya i aint that much of a newbie, i am a mechanically inclined i just aint ever worked on single cylnder engines. i got most of the tools except the feeler gauge
  9. what about my rear wheel locking up is that due to the clutch?
  10. i know the valves are shot and i can order valves cheap through a buddy i got a service manual and im 16 i know how to do it but its hard when you aint got no money and no tools!!!! ride hard man
  11. well redrider250r i dont believe a single word thats coming out your mouth now. throttle jockey to answer ur answer is i aint got any tools i got a buddy down the gravel road that has anything you would need and i would just pay him to do it if thats what the problem is.
  12. what am i supposed to do with that link? oh ya fred are you like the owner of throttle jockey? cause ive been really curious on the woody graphic kit
  13. huh? as in exhaust valves?? im a newbie
  14. What should i check first? Bike will not start first few kicks its been taken me 10 minutes to get the thing started. Ive had to roll start it. From what ive heard that has to do with the valves? Then if i dont keep a tad bit of throttle on it it dies and it wont start without giving it a lil throttle. whats up with that? Also when i attempt to roll start it by puttin it in 2nd gear and holding the clutch in the rear tire locks up but while its running and i hold the clutch in it dosent seem like its grabbing any and it will sit there and idle it doesnt seem like its pulling down or anything? any answers will be greatly appreciated!! thanks for reading my thread. ride hard
  15. how bout this talon hub, black excel rim and oversized spoke complete wheel assembly ive been seeing on what color would look best on my bike i got black backgrounds and white numbers i was thinking red hubs black rims? any help would be appreciated!