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  1. seanmx

    2015 ktm 300 rekluse setup

    i may need to play with that more
  2. seanmx

    2015 xc 300 rekluse set up

    I have rekluse clutches in all my serious bikes. I have a core 3.0 exp in my 15 xc and it works really well except that I can't make it powershift under a load even when I use the clutch unless i let off the throttle a little. I have it set up right at the clutch lever but was wondering if anyone else experienced this and what the hot setup is as far as what springs everyone is using in the clutch itself. Any ideas, I'm a vet expert moto guy and an intermediate woods guy. (just getting into trees).
  3. seanmx

    2015 ktm 300 rekluse setup

    I am having trouble getting my 15 300 xc with a rekluse to handle full throttle shifts even with the clutch. It won't shift unless I let off on the throttle. Everything else works as it should, and I believe my setup at the lever is right. It works great until I try to pull a start. Any advice? Springs, etc? Tell me what you guys setups are.....springs etc. I have rekluse clutches in all my race bikes, so I have experience with them. My four strokes will take full throttle shifts without clutching so I know its possible.