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  1. FlaDRZ

    The wrath and destruction by the SSW 470

    My 470 eats um UP every 6 months
  2. FlaDRZ

    What Animal Has Tried to Roost You?

    Went by a dead animal and a bunch of turket vultures flew out ,,One hit me in the head so hard my ears were ringing for hours. Then the last big one was ,,,,coming around a corner in devils creek saw a bunch of baby pigs scatter in front of me,,,next thing I know momma pig dives under my back wheel ,,and Im going end over end ,,as Im upside down in mid air I see momma running away ,,like nothing happened
  3. FlaDRZ

    Is Fcr Carb Worth The $$$$

  4. FlaDRZ

    Shake Down Ride for Spare Motor

    Took the bike apart yesterday,,,checking all the obvious cabling,, the battery was at 11.5 volts I found a loose cable to the 12v plug in ,,it was not touching anything it was stuck between the battery and the casing for the battery,,I charged the battery,,,connected the 12v plugin cable and it started right up..... now the charging voltage was about 14.55 with the engine running... I rode like 20 minutes,,,checking the battery every 5 minutes,,I never lost power,,and ran great with jetting for the 470 Ill do more riding tomorrow,, and Eddie Im trying to send the engine back on friday,,it has the gaSKET and permatex copper stuff you told me to get
  5. FlaDRZ

    Shake Down Ride for Spare Motor

    Eddie thats the next thing Ill check for starter and ground cables.. Can You PM your address I will be sending the engine ASAP ,,there are other things I need you to check for me thx
  6. FlaDRZ

    Shake Down Ride for Spare Motor

    Im sorry but where is the alternator and its connections I thought it was that black heat sync thing that next to carb ??
  7. FlaDRZ

    Shake Down Ride for Spare Motor

    OK,,,thats a start ,,the battery is/was brand NEW But after riding for 10-15 minutes,,the battery may not be charging thus the electrical power loss,,,thx regalman ill check it out,,but is charging system ,,,not the one Im using now ??? Anything else GUYS / anybody ???
  8. FlaDRZ

    Shake Down Ride for Spare Motor

    You know Eddie ,,I think Ill take you up on that offer Thank YOU But what about the selonoid clicking while trying to start the spare motor,,can I by pass it ,,,like with car starters Is there something I could check ??
  9. Well went for a little shake down ride..to test the spare motor, and for loose bolts and stuff. Engines running great,,went thru some sand,,a couple of back roads,,,bout 15 minutes of pushing and shaking down this spare motor,,,I LOOK down at my speedo and its dead. I see only the time,,and this is what I see when the key and engine is OFF So I decided to go home and find out whats up. I pull into this sandy road and I stall the bike.. Now I cant start the bike. 1.I pull over and start striping things off the bike,, and I hit the start button and I hear click click real fast like,I get the seat off ,,,and the clicking is coming from and its sorta like the solenoid for a car starter under the seat. I take one of the wires off And the speedo comes on,,,hit the start button and you hear the clicking noise again Im sure the battery is GOOD and it will probable bump start and run without the magic start button.. Any help in trouble shooting ....and of course I checked and rechecked all the fuses. By the way Im using the spare engine cause the 470's got a blown head gasket,and as soon as I got spare installed the head gasket arrived, 2. I ASSume you need to remove the engine anyways to replace the Head Gasket RIGHT ??
  10. Bought 1 for the price of TWO Lighter than full face,,seems just a quiet as the full face Heavier then the MX...BUT I CAN SEE ,,my GPS,,ROll Charts,, MAPS Again it is lighter ,,so dont know about the safety But Im not speed racer,,,and it keeps the cold off the face
  11. FlaDRZ

    DDS 2009 Devils Creek

    alot of folks ,,think it will be wet like last year and dont want to do that again,,but this little bit of rain will MAYBE keep the dust down ITs dry out there
  12. FlaDRZ

    DDS 2009 Devils Creek

    Its Cold up here in the devils woods I couldnt ride it ,,,no way
  13. FlaDRZ

    DDS 2009 Devils Creek

    Its was way dry last year too Till the last week and rained for 5 days never know whats your gonna get
  14. FlaDRZ

    DDS 2009 Devils Creek

    Its Raining ...