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  1. I have a KLR250 that will not start cold at all - with or without choke. The carb is clean and ok, but the choke does not work. When you finally get it to run, putting on the choke cuts the engine. There is 2 large hoses on the carb, one on the side seems to be the float bowl breather, and the other one is on top, and goes into the choke port. Where does this hose normally go? It has been blocked off. I bought the manuals, but they do not mention the hose at all. Any ideas? Ta...
  2. My First post to TT :-) Is there huge problems in trying to fit a 2001 KLX 250 engine into a 1992 KLR There is one up for auction, and a newer engine with elect start would be good. Then there is the rear disc setup too.... Any ideas?