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  1. juanito

    Baja Rides planned?

    I fully agree, a group is more fun and I can relate to timing here with holidays. Still the opportunity of baja adventure exists with safety first. It's very green deep central and southern baja now with very good quality, less dusty riding conditions, cool but clear skies and fresh air.
  2. juanito

    Baja Rides planned?

    Does anyone know of any group rides being planned for Baja? My normal riding bud's are going to be out of commission for next month and I am getting hungry for a fun tour. I will have Dec 26-Jan 3 and looking to ride either a 3-4day or possibly longer tour depending on local. Eleven years of baja riding experience and I prefer to not ride solo. No dogs, cats, or gripes to keep me from riding. Thank you, jd
  3. juanito

    A Letter From Todd Clement Concerning Safety in Baja Mexico

    Big thanks to TC and all of your posts on this issue. I had fear due to the vibes from the media and people around me. This and along with the economy and family issues, caused most of my riding buddies stop riding. All this combined had put a damper on my tours this baja moto season (fall-winter-spring) - 08/09. It's been a challenging year! However, I think about riding almost every day and the visions of my experiences over the last 10yrs of bajamoto. Many trips to Mikes, coast to coast, baja 2000 post-run Solo, amazing people. But If I do not go, my bike sits in the Garage, Your body and equipment have a shelf life. Do not give up! Be safe, common sense, look ahead, and lets go. Last February I rode a 3day tour from San Ignacio to San Juanico (trucked down with my xr400) and had a great time. Locals were chilled. I enjoy the adventure and the fun, hare-hound challenging routes that build skill and character. It's one of the few frontiers we have left where we can ride so freely, can explore diverse terrain and ecosystems, and has necessary resources within range. This Sat/Sun I will be riding to Mikes via SV and laguna hanson, drop-out goat, now that could be a G-out too.. Ha! Very hungry for ride to clear my head and loosen up. See you on the RR ride Apr-4, Cheers, j
  4. juanito

    Southern Baja Ride

    Planning a ride North-Southern Baja region, San Ignacio to San Juanico, Loreto, Muleje, return to San Ignacio. My plans our to dept San Diego Sat, 21-Feb-2009, returning Sat 28-Feb-2009. If your interested or know someone or group who will be going, please let me know. "Once you get rolling, the rest is easy" Juanito
  5. juanito

    Compadre trail to Laguna Hanson blocked

    Rudy, Thanks to you and Tim and R&R for this posting. This is a growing reality and I support you in his effort to preserve what we love, off roading in Baja. How was last weeks visit in LH, SawMill, and Rancho Rodeo del Ray? Looking forward to assisting in field on next outing. This coming weekend I am going up to SV-> Saw Mill / Casa Verde loop, to take my xr out for a test-run (post season maintenance schedule(sms)) and will get an update. Cheers, jd
  6. juanito

    Santa.V to Mikes Sky Ranch

    Anyone interested in a ride this Fri/Sat (Oct 24-25) to Mikes? 2d ride? Juanito
  7. juanito

    Baja, Sat Ride, Santa Veronica

    One day ride scheduled for this coming Saturday, 4 Feb. The route I have planned will take us to the saw mill (ramona's), then towards ojos negros to close the 115mi loop back to Santa Veronica. Then, if you do watch the super bowl, you will not feel guilty you did not ride because. Cheers, 619.540.9140
  8. juanito

    Gas in Baja

    Hey Bubbagums, You lucky bastards, bitttttchen! Have a great ride and let us know how your ride went and the gas sitch there. Suerte, Juantio
  9. juanito

    Perth, WA..

    Good onya ian! Glad to hear you like to ride to places without having to go on the road. Don't blame you. I was in Perth twice in 2002/2003 and loved it. 2003 I ride an xr400 with revalved forks and shocks, very plush, long-range machine which is good in sand too. I prefer the adventure rides. I can only imagine there being routes from east perth all the way to Albany if you can coordinate fuel and supplies, maybe I'm crazy? Anyway, I live in San Diego, CA at the and riding Baja but plan on returning to Perth later this year, Aug? Thumbs up to you, Cheers, jd
  10. juanito

    Baja Ride, Jan-14-16, Veronica to San Felipe

    Hey Johnny, I remember you, I the same dude who road with you guys long-time up to mikes. This weekend ride was biz as usual, un-eventful as far as bad haps goes. 6hrs to go 190mi, including gas stops and short break at ramonas and Valle-T. Return from SF to SV was 190 as well for 380mi roundtrip. Both days arrivals were well before dark. I made great time since I know the routes in my sleep and was prepared and solo, been doing it for 8yrs, and over 40,000 miles in Baja. My xr has 4.2gal IMS tank giving my bike a range of 150-170mi, the 170mi is after reserve. I have maxed out at 175mi on a baja run while post running the baja 2000 course in nov 2000, this was 150mi north of la paz, walked to hwy, found locals, had the best tamales of my life, got ride and gas from them back to my bike 6mi in from hwy, pulled out of hidden bush, gased up with 4-liters, road back to hwy/house, paid them well, rode up hwy to cuiidad constitution, met up with my buddy driving my tacoma 4x4, we leaped frogged the entire baja 1000. The Baja 2000 was a huge racing adventure, 1781mi and it shoe-stringed the entire penninsula. It did get a bit windy on Sunday return out of lakebed and chilly on hwy back to valle-T. I was prepared and it felt good to be out. My xr400 ran great, that thing will out-run me, even all the punishment I give it, in a moderate way, and just keeps going. Of course I maintain her diligently. This is the 3rd xr I have owned, I know them well and their behavior. I really do not like riding alone too much, sometimes, maybe on quick day ride, but on long tours, it can get lonely at dinner or sharing stories about the ride. The trip was all about the ride and nature, and good weather in San Felipe, great full moon glistening over sea. Not much talent (women) to see this time, but I'm sure they will pop up sooner or later. I'll be riding again sometime in early February and again for presidents day weekend down in San Ignacio and Loreto areas before it gets hot again. I'd like to join you guys, but I am in the middle of moving out of my current home into new one and need to be out by end of January. Stay in contact, I'm sure we can plan some rides this spring. I do appreciate your reply and knowing your still riding. Keep riding and stay safe, enjoy the ride. Feel free to call sometime. Juanito 619.540.9140
  11. Rain or Shine, I will be riding from Santa Veronica (Tecate region) to San Felipe and need riding bud(s). I realize this is short noticed, but it's worth a go. This will be 180-190mi ride one way, returning either Sun or Mon. I have reservations at the El Cortez Hotel. Availability is good. Why sit at home with nagging wife or barking dog. This will be a very bitchen, safe, adventurous ride, and what an accomplishment to arrive at the double arches in SF on Sat afternoon. I'll be riding my 2003 xr400 and have been riding Baja since 1998 and am know as "Juanito" at Mikes Sky Rancho, the guy who has ridden solo rather than let his bike sit in the garage, thinking of scary excuses not to ride. It's going to be an extended weekend for me, a full moon on Sat, and I'd rather ride with a bud(s), but will solo it again if thats the way it turns out, business as ususal, "you expect it". I love baja, it's an adventure and I respect the land, people, and the baja racers who have helped me discover the routes. I can be reached at: 619.540.9140 jaduffus@yahoo.com