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  1. AZbuggyFreak

    CRF70 Graphics Kits???

    Is there a good website or part of this forum to see pics of personal rides? I've just spent the past week shopping on all of the accessory sites, but have not seen many pics of fiddys that were less than $4k. Thanks.
  2. AZbuggyFreak

    CRF70 Graphics Kits???

    Thanks guys. This is the most I was able to find out about the graphics for several weeks, including calling around and asking the Honda dealerships. I've got a Chinese 107cc that's sucking up my money right now, but have already started "collecting" parts for the CRF70 and should be working turning that into a money pit in a few weeks. I see that lots of my newbie questions have already been answered in earlier posts, but am sure I will have many more. Thanks again for info about the graphic kits!!!
  3. Hola! I'm new to the forum and apologize if this question has already been asked and replied to......... Will CRF50 graphics kits fit the CRF70? I'm shopping all of the CRF50 graphics sources and noticed that there are not many kits specifically listed for the CRF70. Bought a new CRF70 for my daughter last year and she never rides it, so now it's my new toy. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!