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  1. Izzi 3rd in the LCQ Anyone notice the wire live had Stewarts best lap at 52.266 but the stats page had he averaged 52.245 ???
  2. bens25au

    My buddy's sweet new bike!

    Looks like a standard F.I.M legal Michelin. Not sure of the actual name. (Same as my gasser had standard) Was a 140/80 or 130/80 I think.
  3. bens25au

    Pompero or similar named bike

    Used to be called a Pampera. Here is a link. http://www.gasgas.com/pamp450.htm
  4. bens25au

    Spoiler, Live race chat

    hope someone ups a torrent pretty quick after its aired...that was awesome !
  5. bens25au

    Spoiler, Live race chat

    reed is 2 seconds off
  6. bens25au

    Spoiler, Live race chat

    Reed .6 behind stewart scratch that...1 second
  7. bens25au

    Spoiler, Live race chat

    Yeah provided Dungey goes mistake free I think Weimer will be his only real challenge.
  8. bens25au

    Spoiler, Live race chat

    Its gonna be a walk in the park for Dungey.
  9. bens25au

    Spoiler, Live race chat

    Anyone know what happened to Cody Cooper ?
  10. bens25au

    ktm 300xcw-e or honda crf450x?

    Another vote for the 300.
  11. bens25au

    Deadly Creek Crossing

    not deadly but good for a giggle. We crossed the creek about an hour before hand. http://au.youtube.com/watch?v=_SUcggxG7qs
  12. bens25au

    Must See Pic !!!!!

    this is gold....I needed a laugh.
  13. bens25au

    2009 moto numbers

    Millsaps changed from 118 to 18 as above or just a typo ?
  14. bens25au

    KTM Husqvarna Or GasGas

    I have an 07 EC300. Just got back from a ride 1/2 hour ago . They really are awesome bikes. As said above the Gasser will lug way down low up the snottiest of hills. The guys i ride with love it aswell some are planning the move back to 2t from 4t after riding the GG.
  15. The championship is Reeds to lose......and he is working on it nicely. Its making for an interesting series but I hope he pulls it together.