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  1. read the label , all oils are intermixable, except for peanut oil, don't mix peanut oil with Rotella or Rotella with peanut oil. Rotella will leave a bad taste in your mouth after using the deep fat frier.
  2. ArizonaThumper

    New 690SMC Site

    In the new forum you mentioned all the mods. One mod is the Wheelie wire, where is it and what does it do. I am assuming that it give the ECU a different fuel / timing map
  3. ArizonaThumper

    Welders Needed!!

    It can be done with a MIG, if you are good enough but, You need a good TIG welder to do it properly. It's very hard for some one to just tell you what you need mostly depends on your skill.
  4. I said bad info from someone doing something wrong. Tell us what you know about high altitude causing motors to blow, would love to hear that one.
  5. Compared to I-4 you will be short shifting, and using the low RPMs coming out of the corners, lots of people make a mistake on V-2 by running too high RPMs.
  6. SV 650 are very economical run and the eng can run several seasons without a problem, 2 seasons on mine already, I think Dirtygirl is passing bad info from someone who is doing something wrong, you don't need to run those V-2 past 10k rpms to make power. The 2 stroke bikes require lots more to keep them running.
  7. ArizonaThumper

    Doing a Yamaha fork mod...need help

    What Bike do you have? I have 89 XT 600 and would like to do the same thing. I also have a 2000 WR 400 it would be a great resorce for measuring and fitment. Lets share some info.
  8. ArizonaThumper

    XT500; Sorry, don't know where else to post?

    yes they are all right. decomp
  9. M 2000 WR 400 has been flogged for years on the same piston and valve train. I put in a hot cam with auto decompress and set the valve clearance 2 times, and it runs perfect. But who knows when motor will explode, I don't.
  10. ArizonaThumper

    Why should I buy a Husqvarna

    And your point is what?
  11. ArizonaThumper

    Why should I buy a Husqvarna

    Hello , I am wanting to replace my 89 Yamaha XT600. Not sure what to buy but looking at Huskys how are they, reliabilty, getting parts, dealer support, aftermarket, performance. I know a lot you guys on here are die hard husky fans, but I am worried about the things I listed above. All opinoins welcomed.
  12. ArizonaThumper

    How to setup my suspension

    Best advice, take it to someone and pay $300 + to get it set up.
  13. ArizonaThumper

    KTM's new LC4 replacment!

    UGGGly Looks like the designers were having to much vodka that day or night
  14. ArizonaThumper

    03 YZ 250- stipped bolt on front wheel brake cable guard

    Also try retapping the same hole deeper and using a longer bolt to catch the deeper threds. be carefull out going bigger try going deeper first.
  15. ArizonaThumper

    First 4-stroke

    That's funny I love my WR400, but I am going back to a 2 stroke, for the easier handling during 80 mile desert races! I just figured that I could not ride either to it's full potential, so why not have one that's easier to handle. Get the jetting right first thing! And don't try to ride it like a 2 stroke, spend some time getting used to it before going all out, it will kill you!