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  1. I really need to get back out there to FH / EF. It's been too long. Glad to see you guys had a great ride
  2. Ray03

    BITD Vegas To Reno

    It was announced at the riders meeting that next year's race will start in Alamo and end in Tonopah on day one and then got from Tonopah to Reno on day two. About 325 miles per day.
  3. Ray03

    BITD Vegas To Reno

    Before and After pictures.....
  4. Ray03

    BITD Vegas To Reno

    Thanks for the support guys. I ended up placing 4th in my class (Ironman Amateur) with a time of 17hrs 6min. I'm thrilled with my result considering only 5 out of 19 in the class finished. I was trying to catch the 3rd place guy all day but in the end he had more left in the tank than I did. Great job and major props to the top three. The first half of the course was fun and fast but the last half got worse and worse all the way to the end. The rain ruts and washouts were ridiculous in some areas. I wondered as I rode through some of them how the hell a truck or UTV was going to get through. The silt beds didn't seem as bad as years past which was a relief. Everyone I talked to said the same thing, from the last pit (14) to the end was an absolute nightmare. It's a 45 mile boulder garden. It took me approx. 2 hrs to complete that last leg. Overall it was a great race for everyone. I think there was only one major injury. A bike guy crashed hard and broke his femur between pit 2 and 3. Other than that it was all minor stuff. Next years race will be a 2-day 650 mile event so I have a year to decide if I want to try it solo or go with a team. The way I'm feeling this morning I'm thinking team......
  5. Ray03

    BITD Vegas To Reno

    I'll be on a 450x. This is my third year in the ironman class. Quickest time so far has been 16 hrs 47 minutes. It's an awesome race and a ton of fun. Hopefully this year I can improve on that time.
  6. Ray03

    BITD Vegas To Reno

    The mileage this year is 545. Yup, definitely an adventure. The goal is to finish and not get run over by the trucks!
  7. Ray03

    BITD Vegas To Reno

    I'm headed out there for the race. My number is 062 and running in the Ironman class. I'll have a crew at 4 on Friday so drop by and say hi anytime.
  8. Ray03

    Vegas to Reno 2016.

    Good luck out there! I'll be racing the V2R this year for the 6th time. Done it three times with a 3-man team and this will be my third time in the ironman class. It's a great race and tons of fun. It's a very long race to do by yourself so make sure you're ready fitness wise. The terrain isn't very difficult but spending 15+ hours on a bike will wear you out no matter what. I read in your blog that you plan on running a heavy duty tube in the rear. Do yourself a favor and run bibs both front and rear. In the long run it'll be better. Hitting cinder block sized rocks at 60 mph will blow even the gnarliest heavy duty tube. Other than that have fun and be safe.
  9. Thanks for the recommendations KPRacing. I'll try dropping the main jet size and see how that goes. H4L, if it's still not right then I'll set the carb to the manual specs you provided and go from there. Thanks again guys!
  10. As the title states, I have an 04 CR250 with an 01 TMX carb on it. I bought the bike in a box and that's what was there so just trying to make it work. The bike is running way rich and bogs down really bad when the throttle is wide open. Here's what it has; Needle: 6BEH1-73 (2nd position from top) Pilot: 32.5 Main: 400 Nozzle: S-9 Mixture screw is 1 3/4 turns out. I've read that dropping the nozzle down to an S-8 or even an S-7 would help tremendously. Suggestions to which one? My riding area is between 3k - 5kft and normally in the 80's. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  11. I bought an 04' CR250 a few months back that was completely disassembled and in a box. I'm almost done with it but just realized that the subframe that was included isn't the correct one. It doesn't have the second mounting hole for the silencer so I'm thinking it may be a CR125 subframe. I've included a couple pictures hoping that someone can identify the subframe and what it's for. I've already found the right one on ebay but would like to be able to sell this one off. Any help would be appreciated. RC-
  12. I have an 04 CR250 which needs a subframe. I know that the 02-07 CR250's are the same but I've also heard that the 03 and 04 CRF450 subframes will work. Can anyone confirm that the muffler holes on the CRF subframe will line up with the CR250 silencer? The CRF subframes are much easier to find on Craigslist and Ebay than the CR ones. Thanks!
  13. Ray03

    04' CR250 Cylinder Part Question

    Yes, I'm asking about the very small collar that seems to fit on the end of the power valve shaft. If anyone has any thoughts I'd appreciate it.
  14. Hey Boys, I have an 04' CR250 that I'm rebuilding and have a quick question. I sent out the cylinder to have it re-plated and when I got it back, they included a zip-lock bag with a small collar in it. I must have missed it during the disassembly but am not sure where it came from. The best I can figure is that it's a pressed part that goes inside the cylinder. It seems to be part of the flap valve assembly but before I try pressing in where I think it goes, I wanted to see if anyone can confirm it for me. I can't find the part listed on any Honda parts diagrams. I've attached several pictures hoping that someone can identify the part. It's the small collar that seems to fit on the end of the flap valve shaft. Thanks, Ray-
  15. Ok, I'll play. Here's a pic of my 05' ready for the 2014 Vegas to Reno race.