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  1. so i've been on a couple of sites and they tell me who won the event , who came 2nd and who 4th spot was, etc . no mention of an unknown rider who is one of my good mates who smoked some of the best riders in the world. a dakkar winner, trials champion (US) and more. Paul bolton could beat most people on two wheels he's a trial master but as he has shown in the off road world he can beat some of the best. what i'm trying to say is if you are connected to a major manufacturer or company in the motorcycle world you need to take a look at this lad. please someone give him a chance to prove himself again.
  2. quick question to anyone. i just replaced me stator on me VOR, if i run it without the light kit , which i've done fer the last 3 yrs i've owned it , is there a chance it would blow again or is the guy at the shop just covering his own btm? thanks in advance of any replies
  3. cool vid. ineed to get out there myself. oh by the way the music is by the cardigans. not garbage.