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  1. kawiscooter

    2012 Owners Reviews

    the 09 stuck out really far so I was concerned. Up here one of our main tracks is on an old gravel pit. By the end of each season everyones head pipe looks like somone took a ball peen hammer to it. I just knew it was going to get dings. I had the PC from my 07, and it has a carbon fiber guard. What I didnt expect was the snap in the mid and top end of the power. It hits softer off the bottom but as the power develops it rips thought the mid range and just screams out the top. I was thinking I would loose power because of the efi setup - but it runs better than ever and the header is tucked in. I was suprised it fit. The muffler did not, only the header.
  2. kawiscooter

    2012 Owners Reviews

    I rode my stock 12 back to back with my slightly modded 09. Love my 09, but the 12 is improved in almost every way. Feels more nimble, solid, and crap that thing is fast bone stock. The 12 turns great. Super easy to start. Breaks on the 12 seem good, although my 09 front breaks suck pretty bad for some reason. The 09 has a PC link, FC susp, a PC header from a 07 and a 51T. I really really like my 09. The 12 is just better.
  3. kawiscooter

    MEC predictions

    Anyone know if the casinos are going to offer odds? I'd love to put some $$ down on this race.
  4. kawiscooter

    MEC predictions

    Does anyone know if there are any odds on this race ? Be curious to see what the bookmakers think...
  5. Mine had a strange noise when running and the wrist pin was split in two. The bike never did quit running - just made noise. Your wrist pin was good? You took the piston off the rod?
  6. kawiscooter

    Walmart Oil.

    Rotella since 05. No issues.
  7. Sucks man. I have an 11 350F and it has been a great bike, alhtough some thingamijig in the airbox came loose and it died but after an hour of ripping things apart we found a connector coming out so I just plugged it back in and duct taped it all up and she it ripping. Seems like some tools on this thread. I wouldn't sweat them though. The 350 is a great bike with some issues here and there. You just need to get it dialed and you'l be happy. That estart is super cool if you kill it in the middle of the moto and just hit that button and go! Good luck man.
  8. kawiscooter

    2012 kx450f Reliability

    Not a reliability issue but I have been playing with mine, trying those powerband chips they supplied. I put the high power one in and was riding in some deep sand and my 2012 was pinging. I've never had a four stroke ping on me. My 05 KX250 used to do it - it sounded just the same. I was wondering if somehow I got the cans mixed up and maybe used some 87 octane. The ping was profound and unmistakable. I was also thinking maybe even with our "premuim" which is 90 octane, that the fast chip might want either octane booster or just better gas. It suprised me though. Never heard it on the 06, 07 or 09. Anyone else hear a ping on the 12?
  9. kawiscooter

    2012 KX450F Ride Report

    Hey Mikek250F, try a new front tire. The 90/100 has given me some grief depending depending on soil. If you are riding int to soft dirt, try a 80/100 similar to what you ran on your 250F. Numroe has the rest all numbered up for ya! No reason you cant get it to stick.
  10. kawiscooter

    New 2012 KX450 Owner

    Just got a new 12 and have a few obesrvations. Everything above was online with my own thoughts, in addition I got to ride the bike back to back with my favorite bike ever, 09 KX450 with factory connection and a rekluse. I'm 6-1 so I put a small riser on the 09 and smefastways to lower the pegs. The 12 felt kind of cramped but it had a really really awesome feel that was hard to describe. We were on trails and then to a track and then back on the trails. The 12 has great power, maybe a tad less overall then the 09 but tons of torque and felt very fast stock. The handling though...understand that the suspension only had 2 hours on it so it was understandably stiff, even so, there just felt like there was something special about how that thing rides even with the cramped up settings. It went strait, it turned, comfortable on the way in and rolling out of turns under power. I really liked it but this was a brief ride. I'll send the susp to FC and get a rekluse again, but I will definatly play with the ergos before buying add ons in that area. The bike seems to handle really good.
  11. kawiscooter

    6'3" 210 lbs - Too big for 350 SXF?

    Im 6' and 200lbs. Got the 350. Vet A motocross. Coming from years of Kawasaki. Had them all. Love the 450, but man if you get wound up on that monster it can bite you! The 350 though doesnt give up much, and late in the moto you can still hang on. People say you cant lug it - I disagree. It feels lighter than the 450. If you rev it, it feels stupid fast. If you just ride it, its a blast. I like to do both. I got suspension done, put on a pipe, and the map switch. It rips! Having better results is cool if your an up and comer so get whatever makes you fast. Having more fun is cooler if your over trying to be national champ and just ripping at your local track. This bike is simply fun to ride.
  12. I have a question for you 350 pilots. I just got one and was pulling the suspension (no easy feat!) and noticed there are a tone of electronics and wires in the airbox. We race in the mud quite often, and I know that computer and all of the associated sensors, relays, and connectors is not going to be fun to keep clean. I'm wondering if anyone has came up with a good method of wrapping the electronics located in the air box? Additionally, I see quite a bit of gap from the wire shielding to the wire where they terminate in the varoius sensor caps. Is anyone sealing thinks up with sensor safe silicone? Any issues with these things getting wet/muddy? Looks like potential for trouble to me. I
  13. kawiscooter

    Common 2009 KX450F problems

    My 09 has been awesome! Yes to the TM slide...I also put an 07 Pro Circuit header on it (stock one sticks out too far for me). I just keep on wearing out tires...
  14. kawiscooter

    recluse or what

    I have had my rekluse pro for three years. When I first installed it, it didn't work properly so I pulled it out and used my stock clutch again. Later I found out I had doubled up on the metal plates...During the winter I took my time, followed the directions (no beers till AFTER the install) and it worked awesome after that. I ride it a season in my 07KX450 and mow two seasons on my 09. It has ~150 hours. I have replaced the fiber plates once, even though they didnt need it. Performance wise its so awesome. I race moto and train ride and love my cheater clutch. I'd like to try other brands just to see how they fell but have to say the Rekluse is very very tough. I have beat on my 09 in all kinds of nasty conditions and its always working.
  15. kawiscooter

    Auto clutch kx 450 f: Rekluse vs. Revloc vs. Efm

    I have 100+ hours on my rekluse pro. Race moto and trailride. Yet to wear out the clutch plates...love it now I got is set up, although that took some experimenting. I really like it and everyone who rides the bike likes it.