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  1. mattc6465

    Strating in gear?

    i could be wrong though
  2. mattc6465

    Strating in gear?

    none of the knock off pit bikes do that. mine doesnt either. as far as i konw there is no way to change that.
  3. mattc6465

    what should i do...?

    yea well i mean i just think i that the 250 is going to be to much for me cause im a fairly new rider and i think that a 125 would get me going better, i wasnt really to worried aobut hte size of the bike its self. and the reason that i say im not ready for a 250 is becuase i dont think i have enough skill to ride it like it should be ridden. i could probably ride it just putting arould but not if i were to go out on a track, and i jsut want a bike that is fast and fun to ride and would help me gett better at riding, so i just figured a 125 would be best for me. but thanks all you guys who anwsered me, every comment helped me alot.
  4. mattc6465

    what should i do...?

    does anyone else have any opinions? thanks. -Matt
  5. mattc6465

    what should i do...?

    also i dont really know a whole lot about the mechanics about a 2 stroke and i hear they require less maintness so i figured a 125 would be a good learning bike for me. -Matt
  6. mattc6465

    what should i do...?

    i mean i jsut dont think im ready for a 250. my bad.
  7. mattc6465

    what should i do...?

    hye thanks alot guys for helping me out here. the only thing that bothers me about a 250 is that it might be too mcuh for me. i mean i know enough not to get my self hurt but there is always that possibility that something could happen. the other reason i was leaining towards a two stroke is becuase not only did i hear that they make you a better rider, but i dont really plan on doing any major racing, and i hear they are good "play bikes", i guess thats a way to say it. and even though there is a chance i might out grow it, i jsut hit a sort of growht spurt so it might still be a while till i grow considerably more, but i just think im ready for a 250. but thanks again you guys sort of re enforced my thoughts. -Matt
  8. mattc6465

    what should i do...?

    yea..i dont know about the 250 yet.....i mean i dont want to race alot....maybe a few times a month...nothing too much....i mostly like just messing around with jumps and i hear yz's are great bikes for racing and just having fun. but thanks for the quick reply. anyone else have any ideas? -Matt
  9. mattc6465

    My Pitbike keeps backfiring

    ihad the same problem with mine. i got hte carb cleaned out and it runs like new
  10. mattc6465

    what should i do...?

    ok so my name is matt. im 16, about 5/10, 160 pounds. i just recently sold my ttr 125 (bored out to a 150). it had a few extras like gold Excel rims, tag bars, bbr tripple clamp, bbr pipe, bbr swingarm, and a few other little things. well with the money i got from selling it i got a pit bike and iv had that for about 5months. i like it but i after rding my friends kx 85, i really like riding the two strokes. my question is, even though iv only been riding for about 2 years, do you guys think i would be ok on a yz125. im just worried about not being able to handle it and things lilke that, only because iv never ridin a 125 2 stroke. it will still be a while till i can get the money for one if i choose to. can you guys give me a hand on my decision? thanks alot in advance. any replies are greatly appreciated. -Matt