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  1. kolesdaddy

    Battery is D.R.T.

    please help halen out cause i am not gonna help push his bike next time we go riding.....hahahaha
  2. kolesdaddy

    How old are you and what Huskys...

    33 yrs old; brand new 2005 TC 250, my first Husky and loving it
  3. kolesdaddy

    I went to motoexotica today - nice bikes!

    i bought a 2005 tc250 from Dan about a month or so ago. I have a 30' inseam and after i pulled the forks up and reset the sag it was much better. I still can only touch the ground with my toes and a little lean to one side but you will get used to it and after a couple of rides it wont be a problem
  4. kolesdaddy

    Handguards for TC

    i bought the cycra probends for my 2005 Tc250 and they do not fit in the end of the bars....i will have to drill them out...havent done it yet , probably next this week or next weekend... also i was at carnigie on sunday....not to muddy....most trails were good riding...had a great day
  5. kolesdaddy

    New Bike

    I traded in my old bike for a new 2005 TC 250 yesterday at Motoxotica. I liked the 2006 colors and all but in the end the price on the 2005 was to good to pass up. I must say this bike is SWEET!!!!! I have only ridden in around my neighborhood and not in the dirt but so far i love this bike. Motoxotica is also a great place to purchase a bike or accessories. Dan the owner is a great guy and will not bullshit you....it was the easiest purchase i have made on any vehicle. very layedback atmosphere and no stress. I also picked up some cycra handguards, a new fast by ferracci gas cap and a batter tender(dont wont to get stuck out riding with no kickstart backup). cant wait to get the new bike dirty.
  6. kolesdaddy

    Tc 250

    Hi all, I am thinking of buying either a 2005 or 2006 TC 250. What do you guys/girls think i should do...should i buy the 2005(Can get a pretty good price from Dan at Motoxotica) or go with the new 2006. Is there that much difference between the two besides the colors...any info would be appreciated... i am pretty new to the dirtbike scene, have only been riding about a 2 years, my bike i own now is a 2001 drz 250 and i feel i am ready to step up to a better bike. i am 33 yrs old and 5'7 170lbs and only ride offroad trails, no racing or anything. the other bike i am looking at is the honda crf250x but i think I have it narrowed down to the tc 250 , just not sure if i should get the 06 or 05. thanks