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  1. whitesnake

    Feeler - 03 YZ 250

    Sorry I just picked up a new street bike the other day so I wouldnt be interested in trades I dont think. But I definetely need to sell the dirtbike now. Thanks.
  2. whitesnake

    Feeler - 03 YZ 250

    Hi I have a 03 YZ 250 that i'm selling. I should have pics this weekend. I bought it, cleaned it up and fixed it up a bit with intentions on riding it in the spring but I think I'm gonna sell it so I can put the money towards a new streetbike. It has a Pro circuit pipe and silencer and V-Force reed cage. Has a GP racing suspension. Has some renthal bars. Bike has a bunch of brand new parts that i put on, bike hasnt even been ridden with these parts. New plastic, every peice even fork guards, one industries decals, seat cover, front and rear wheel bearings, magnum clutch lever, brake lever, grips, cross bar pad, etc. I would like to get 2600. Does that sound pretty good? Let me know if interested, I'll get some pics up. Thanks.