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  1. kdeyoung11

    04 CRF Graphics?

    Sweet...thx...anybody with a better site (more graphics) than xr50.com.
  2. kdeyoung11

    04 CRF Graphics?

    Will 2004 CRF graphics fit on a SSR 125 C4? Thanks in advance.
  3. kdeyoung11

    what color

  4. kdeyoung11

    MXB dealer in the states?

    Does anyone know of any MXB dealers in the states...I live in AZ...would not mind an online dealer too.
  5. kdeyoung11

    Boreem BMS 125 vs. SSR 125

    Thanks for the input...I have noticed that the SRR offers quite a few different options all about $50 more expensive than the last...any must have features for a leisure rider (ie inverted forks...etc...)? Thanks again!
  6. kdeyoung11

    Boreem BMS 125 vs. SSR 125

    All, I am new here...I am just looking for a little bike to cruise on...I will not be racing or making any mods...which bike would you recommend...yes I know these are not the best bikes I can buy but just looking to keep the cost under $1k. Also which of these two is easiest to get parts for. http://www.topscooterstores.com/product_info.php?products_id=339 http://www.outlawpowersports.com/SSR125_A2_Pit_Bike_p/ssr125-a2.htm Thanks in advance for your input.