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  1. smaddict

    proper jet kit for drzsm?

    get the fmf power up jet kit for the sm, follow the stage 2 instructions with the 3x3 mod. you can get it from the TT sore or dynojet.com.
  2. smaddict

    Jetting the bike, how do you know what to buy?

    check the jetting forum here on TT, look for the jetting database. lots of good info. also use the search function and type in "drz 400 s jetting", "burned's jetting specs" also look for "3x3 mod".
  3. smaddict

    Aftermarket Airfilters

    thanks OSITECH, gotta check that out. i thought about making something like that out of foam from the hardware store but something ready made is even better. this might save the day for my k&n . thanks
  4. smaddict

    Aftermarket Airfilters

    your right 10guy, only problem with the filter is the fit .
  5. smaddict

    Aftermarket Airfilters

    i put a k&n on my 06' sm when i did my jet kit and 3x3 mod. 2 problems. first the filter was loose in the airbox when clamped in. i could move it up and down and side to side about an inch even after bending the clamp to make it hold tighter. second my bike had a midrange stumble or hesitation that went away after i put the stock filter back in. not to say k&n is bad filter, just my experience. i use twin air in both of my KTM's no probs.
  6. Just got my 06' SM last month, Sure is a fun bike. So far I have done my own spin on the BD taillight mod, flush mount rear turn signals, FMF SM jet kit. Got rid of K&N after it didn't fit right, very loose in the air box, made bike stumble, hesitate around half throttle. Put stock filter back in and it runs like a champ now. Just posted some pics in my garage. Glad I found this site, you guys are full of great info. thanks