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    2008 WR450 vs 2007 Ninja 500R?

    Ok, he also forgot to mention that he is like 6'2" 250lbs, and I am a svelt 5'9 170. My street bike would smoke his ass. Plus the fact that he would have to shift wayyyy more times than I would, as I could get up to 60 in 2nd, while he would have to get to at least 4th gear.
  2. jstmehr4u3

    Trashed 230f

    Looking online at http://www.off-road.com/dirtbike/projects/crf230f/8/steps.html it says the steering stem is welded to the top triple clamp. Is this Stock?? Can you not replace the pieces seperately? Mike
  3. jstmehr4u3

    Trashed 230f

    So I got the bike out of the shop yesterday. About $1000 to fix (majority labor) and the triple clamps are still "bent". The guy said that the bike is rideable, but the next project should be replacing the triple clamps. The part is about $100, but he said its a 3 hour job, which means $270 by itself. Is this something I could attempt myself, or just leave it to the professionals?
  4. jstmehr4u3

    Trashed 230f

    Well its in the shop now. After $250 in parts, and $90 an hour, hopefully it will be done by Monday...
  5. jstmehr4u3

    Trashed 230f

    Yes: Wr426rdr, I should have listened to your grand advice. Speaking of which, I almost knocked his head off shortly after my accident. I am pulled off the side of the road, trying to make a U-Turn, and this jackass locks his tires and slides behind me while honking his horn. So hear I am pissed about my bike, and I think I am about to be rear ended. Bout had a heart attack. Wanted to throw him off the side of the hill. Luckily he showed up though, cause I had to back my trailer up and didn't have much space to see everything. :0
  6. jstmehr4u3

    Trashed 230f

    I will post pictures soon. I have to get the rest of the plastics/gas tank off. I should have taken a picture of the bike wedged underneath the trailer, and the xr100 50ft away lodged in the side of the hill. Woulda brang a tear to your eye. I'll tell ya... I am gonna be pretty anal about tying the bikes down now. Probably close to overdoing it. Never will I have this happen to me again. I think I can just get the front forks "pressed" straight again. Though at RonAyers.com I saw the parts for pretty good prices. Not sure about shipping costs, but the shipping time is a bit long. I need a new disk rotor for the front. Its tweaked. New kill switch... well here is the part list anyway... Need,Part Number,Desc,Price,Alt Desc M,51410-KPS-901,"PIPE, FR. FORK",$31.78 , M,51580-KPS-901,"FORK SUB, L. FR.",$283.24 , M,44650-KPS-900,"WHEEL SUB-ASSY., FR.",$446.67 , Y,53100-KPS-901ZA,HANDLEBAR *NH146M*,$30.09 , Y,53166-MK5-010,"GRIP, L. HANDLE",$5.46 , Y,35130-KPS-900,"SWITCH, ENGINE STOP",$16.69 ,Kill Switch Y,80101-KPS-900ZA,"FDR ST, RR. *R134*",$23.28 , Y,50530-KPS-900,"BAR, SIDE STAND",$30.92 , Y,77213-KPS-900,"COVER, SEAT",$29.02 , Y,83600-KPS-900ZA,"CVR, L. SIDE *NH196*",$15.27 , M,83601-KPS-900ZB,COVER *NH1*,$3.63 , Y,83551-376-000,"GROMMET, SIDE COVER",$1.71 , ,53219-KPS-900,"STEM SUB-ASSY., STRG",$94.63 ,
  7. jstmehr4u3

    Trashed 230f

    Ok. So my day began easy enough. Got home early to take my daughter out riding at the nearest OHV (off-highway vehicle) park. About 20 minutes away. Loaded up my 85 XR100 and my brand new CRF230 onto the trailer and we headed out. The road is windy and we go up and down one mountain pass. On the way down there was a turn right (15mph) about 25 yards downhill and a turn left (15mph). At the left turn, I look in my mirror, and low and behold there goes my XR right out of the trailer, into the side of the mountain. And Oh wait, there goes my CRF230 over the side. Try to slow down, but this is a single lane road, and I have about 4 cars behind me. So I try to pull out of the turn where I can pull of the side of the road. But wait, whats that grinding noise?!? Pull the truck over, and about 50 feet back the XR is lying on its side against the mountain. (thankfully out of the road)... And there is my CRF UNDER the trailer wheel. With the tie strap still hooked to the handle bars, and the other end is tide to the axel of the trailer. Turns out it go hooked, so not only did I drag the CRF the 50 feet, but I was reeling it in like a fishing pole with every turn of the trailer wheel. So the CRF is stuck UNDER the trailer, wedged by the road. So I run up the road (already in my riding boots) and get the XR out of the mud. The handle bars are bent, and the throttle assembly is coming off. No big deal. A guy pulls over and helps me lift the trailer so I can pull the bike out from underneath... So, now I have an 06 CRF 230 with exactly 1 riding hour on it, needing a whole make over. I think the front forks need to be replaced, all the plastics, the seat, the handle grips, the kill switch, the kick stand, the handle bars. Maybe more. It started, and I had to walk the bike around our Tahoe (in about 6 inches of clay mud). Fun times had by all. I got a shopping list of parts I need through Ron Ayers. Looks like worst case is $1012.00 for the parts. Just spent $3700 on the bike not 6 days ago. Oh yeah, and it seems that one of my tiedown straps just gave out. With the downhill turning motion the front suspension on the bike gave enough to loosen the tie straps, unhooking them from the trailer. One bike hit the other, and the rest is history. So I just went to Home Depot and bought about $65 in more hardware to secure the bikes. Guess I should of done this two days ago. Just thankful nobody got hurt, and I didn't lose something down the cliff on the other side of the street. So yeah... I am happy.