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    i love to be outside, love to camp, hike, and ride the bike of course, but most of all i love to ski
  1. Teneighty23

    where to by plastics?

    sorry i just read a bit more of the posts... you have a 650R. my mistake.
  2. Teneighty23

    where to by plastics?

    http://www.maier-mfg.com/ They have red white black plastics for all pieces needed, im wanting to go all white but just have other things im making a priority. one day i'll white it all out, I have a white Acerbis tank right now, so just need front fender and rear fender (unless i had an 09). So it dont take much, and that site has front fenders for CRF230's so could just go with that too.
  3. Teneighty23

    What did you do to your DRZ400 today?

    once again got a new battery for the DRZ, then rode and rode and rode, i was going to head out for fall landscape pictures but i was having too much fun. i must figure out my charging systems problem...
  4. Teneighty23

    All black seat cover

    Anyone seen a store that sells an all black seat cover for the XR650L? IF NO ONE HAS ONE then: how much shaping and sewing would be involved in making your own?
  5. Teneighty23

    XR650L First mods

    first mod on the XR650L should be 2" rox risers, actually feels like a dirtbike now! just moved the handlebars, no extending of the cables needed, bolt on application!
  6. Hello everyone, I am a recent owner of an XR650L 2008 and i dont know a ton about the aftermarket area of these bikes. As owners may know, the control panel is very simple on the bikes, speedo, ODO, trip, and a couple warning/indicator lights. well, i DID concider swapping it all out for a trail-tech computer, but it kinda seems like a hassle. Would be nice and high tech, but all i REALLY want is a clock and two trip meters. (heat indicator would be nice too...) but i was wondering what some other options are? are there any odomoters/trip meters that could mate up into the stock system? to keep things simple? even if its just the rotory style like the stock one, doesn't really matter, shoot out some suggestions wise ones! P.S. Rox 2" risers made the bike rideable, i highly recommend it.
  7. Teneighty23

    08 xr650l

    in Canada i paid $5800 CAN. for a used 08 with only 91KM's on it, i found that to be an unbeatable fantastic deal for that low of KM's, i dont know why you in the states get such good deals. I went to see a bike before the one i bought, and it was an 08 with 1800 KM's on it, the guy was asking $7000, would not go any lower than $6800... seriously. SO LAME. I would call it a good deal, but apparently you get better deals!
  8. Teneighty23

    Whats the best-strongest skid plate?

    Anyone anywhere use the Thumpertalk skidplate?
  9. Teneighty23

    DRZ pics, lets see your Z

    who won???....
  10. Teneighty23

    loosing power on rough ground

    check your kickstand switch, get something to hold the kickstand switch in the up position, that was the problem on my bike, got a band clamp and closed the switch, no more almost over the handlebar ejection over woops. this was on a DRZ400S
  11. Teneighty23

    xr650l leaking fuel won't start

    i had this same problem on my DRZ400 and it was my float, i bought a new needle and float and set the hight correctly, and had no problems since, chekc the needle, make sure its not deformed in any way, then bend the tang and get the correct float hight.
  12. Teneighty23

    To the Knowledgeables of the 650L

    thanks for all the imput guys! definately some good points to think about, and to put questions together. Just too bad he is 400 KM's away... and i cant test ride in snow..
  13. Teneighty23

    heated grips for my birthday!

    what are some reputable brands of hand warmers, ive ridden in near freezing weather too many times up here in Alberta! about time i get some sense and get the grips!
  14. I am in the works of looking for a used XR650L for a trip to Yukon this summer, and like usual there is a veriety to choose between. now i know every bike is different, but i have some questions on the workings of the XR that the tech guys may be able to help me out with. Most of the bikes that i am finding are 2008's with around 6000 KM's on average, some completely stock, some with lots of mods. some well abused with 1800 KM's. my main question is about a bike i looked at on the weekend, it has a very good price compared to the rest, especially cuz of the km's on it. It's a 2000 XR650L with only around 3800 KM's on it, BUT being such an old bike, ten years old now, some people close to me have mentioned that its not a good thing to have such an old bike have such LITTLE km's on it, i just seen the KM's and thought of it as a great deal. What are your thoughts on the deterioration of the bike if its just sitting untouched for long periods of time?
  15. Teneighty23

    DRZ pics, lets see your Z

    5 minutes from home