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  1. liv2ride626

    Chalk Bluff Sunday 12 /9

    btw I'm in a frontier with an older ktm 300 and my dog
  2. liv2ride626

    Chalk Bluff Sunday 12 /9

    Riding Chalk Bluff tomorrow of anyone wants to join in. Im solo right now but plan to be in the parking lot about 9 riding by 930. If anyone wants to get in some miles I plan to be done by 1. Happy Trails!
  3. liv2ride626

    Rear shock install problems

    I should have been clearer, it is the upper bearing/ bushing that I was having issues with. The lower went in super easy.
  4. liv2ride626

    Rear shock install problems

    What issues might it cause? What about the issue of not having a seal? Not trying to argue, just trying to clarify.
  5. liv2ride626

    Rear shock install problems

    It's an 00 with pds. I ended up trimming the rubber seals with a razor blade and after and was able to muscle it in...3 hrs later. But I was able to ride yesterday and that's all that matters!
  6. liv2ride626

    2 stroke pipe dents

    Go to the auto parts store and get an expansion plug the size of the larger opening. Fill with water and throw it in the freezer overnight. It will likely pop the plug out but 2 or 3 times of doing this it came out pretty good
  7. liv2ride626

    Rear shock install problems

    So I finally got the part in to replace my rear shock bearings. Got everything put in and now I cannot get the shock back on. It seems like the new bushings or rubber seals are wider than the ones that were in there. Been working on this for a day now and busted 2 knuckles open. Tried a band clamp to hold it together bit still too wide. anyone else had this issue? Is it a part problem or am I the problem? Thanks for the input
  8. liv2ride626

    Backordered part ...

    So the upper shock bearing/ bushing on my 2000 mxc300 is blown out, called a shop to "order" the part and they say ok see you Wednesday. Come Tuesday I find out it's backordered.... Unfortunately I decided to get ahead of the game and pressed out the old bearing... major fail since it's unknown how long the eta is... Can't find anything online from what I saw either. Does anyone know of another bike that uses the same size bearing or source for the bearing? I found the bushings but no bearing... The ktm part number is 5018.0151S Thanks for any input!
  9. liv2ride626

    Sac area suspension work?

    That was my initial thought and I probably will if it is anywhere near a thousand bucks lol. The bike handles ok right now but definitely needs a bit of tweaking. I have heard people brag about how much they love their suspension after getting it set up but have also heard people that hate it. I'm riding a 2000 mxc300 btw
  10. liv2ride626

    Sac area suspension work?

    Hi everyone! Blew a fork seal this weekend on my 300 and figured now is as good a time as ever to get my suspension set up properly. Anyone have a suggestion on a good person to go to? I'm not super fast but consider myself a descent rider, stick to mostly trails like foresthill and GT. Also any experience on how much $$ it will cost to do both front and rear? Thanks in advance for the input!
  11. Will try and find my folding saw tonight, haven't seen in since last spring tho...
  12. I'm up that... Let me know
  13. I'm going to be riding FH tomorrow if anyone is heading out. White ram 1500 with an old ktm300 and my dog. Say what's up let's put in some miles! Staging at sugar pine around 10
  14. liv2ride626

    Roost some Dirt On Earth day 4/22 GT or EF

    Haven't met most of you but used to be pretty active on rides in so cal many years ago. I know Jason and have met the squid out at French creek once. Starting to ride more nowadays and will check in more often. I'm riding foresthill Sat if anyone else is heading out
  15. liv2ride626

    Forest hill 3/19?

    Thanks for the heads up. How is Georgetown?