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  1. Redneck was ok, there wasn't a concert at night so that kinda killed the party other than some make shift ones in the camping area. Not going again unless theres a concert.
  2. Is anyone going to the yacht club on Oct 9-11th?
  3. I did 43 miles on a single tank in the north Ocala trail system, wasn't too bad, seen no one on the trails.
  4. As I mentioned earlier I belive I was miss leading, Pipeline I mentioned was down the street from Wiregrass, they actually have a trail named Pipeline down the street up north. I didn't ride that one yet.
  5. Central florida area, anywhere such as Ocala, private spots.
  6. Where's that at?
  7. The trails in Ocala are all marked and numbered now. The are no, go as you will trails. They have brown posts showing the direction of the marked trails. $75 per rider per year, or $10 for 1-3 days. I ride wiregrass, pipeline (which goes by big scrub) and yesterday went to Delancy. I sold the dirt bike and been taking the wife along on the qaud, more quality time as you would say. All the trails are ok, some whooped more than others, not much for elevation, just sugarsand and dirt roads. Will be nice once the rainy season puts some water down. Need any pics let me know.
  8. Looking for riders for sunday.
  9. In that area there is alot of riding, mostly sugar sand whoops and tight tree trail, nice area. Theres actually a little bit of everything, evan some mud holes to creek crossings.
  10. Check this out, down the street from the house. Secret place, lol.
  11. Looking for people to ride sport utility quads on Sunday. Looking for trail rides and stuff.
  12. Our first ride threw the forest was nice.
  13. Great pics, thanks.
  14. We did the forty miler yesterday in Ocala, we rode Wiregrass first then went down and did the 45 ,iler at pipeline. The ride was ok, going to go further north next week and try out those other trails. Anyone have a favorite?
  15. Sure, I got a few areas north of you, there ok. Looking to do Sunday trips.