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  1. Jib_610

    2006 SM610 valve adjustment question.

    There isn't much too it. Remove what is in the way. i.e. radiatiors, tank. remove valve covers. Rotate to TDC. Adjust all to 0.002. no shims required. Not sure if you got it yet put the shop manual has 1 picture. Thanks to Dave Hoder
  2. Jib_610

    Reno - Trouble On The Trails

    I just wanted to make sure everyone from the Reno area has read the front page of the Sunday Reno Gazette Journal. TROUBLE ON THE TRAILS OHV areas are on the chopping block. Keep your silencers on and stay on the trail. Printer Friendly Version Link
  3. Jib_610

    Husky goes to the Black Rock Desert

    That looks like fun. I have been wanting to get out there myself and have a look around. Looks like it would be easy to get around out there with supermoto tires, just go fast. If you end up wanting to do something like this again let me know so you don't have to go alone.
  4. What snapped? The gear puller? Or the actual flywheel puller? Or the flywheel? Or the crank?
  5. If your talking about the 2 holes on the outside of the flywheel don't do it. This is what happened when I tried. All this and I still couldn't get the flywheel off until I got the correct puller. This is a 610.
  6. Jib_610

    OT: whos doing what?

    It sure didn't feel like summer yesterday (5-2-07) west of Reno, NV.
  7. Jib_610

    Your 610 and the seat horn tip

    Thanks for the tip, it was bothering me a little also. I happened to find a thick rubber washer that works. Looks better now. Thanks
  8. Well I screwed up while checking the timing chain tensioner and I set it all the way out. This put a lot of stress on the chain and stretched it significantly. I took a bunch of pictures and put them on flickr. http://www.flickr.com/photos/jib_daeges/sets/72157600088156371/detail/ The bike is back up and running now. Here are a couple: I don't think the chain is suppose to be eating the reed valve.
  9. Jib_610

    Did the JD kit, vent tube ?

    Check this thread: http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?p=4579823#post4579823
  10. Jib_610

    610 flywheel puller

    Thank you guys.
  11. Jib_610

    Dual Sport Helmet

    I also have the Simpson. It works, I have the clear face shield and the tinted one. I really like being able to wear my glasses and the tinted face shield in the summer. As northcrf said, it's ok but if you can afford to get the Aria XD, do it. The Simpson just isn't holding up well. The rubber guard between the chin guard and the shield came off. Bad glue and not aligned well. Also since I swap between face shields quite a bit the cheap screws that hold it on are falling apart.
  12. Jib_610

    SM/TE 610 Dash configuration/ Speedo setup

    I have added all the screens without ever flashing the high beams 5 times. I followed Dave Hoders instructions in his service manual
  13. Jib_610

    SM/TE 610 Dash configuration/ Speedo setup

    Oh you linked it. It looks to me that flashing the headlight 5 times takes you to the SM/TE selection screen first and if you don't flash the lights it will skip that screen and go right to the display selections.
  14. Jib_610

    SM/TE 610 Dash configuration/ Speedo setup

    Flash the high beams 5 times? Where did you find that info? I never flash the high beams to change the settings. TT member Dave Hoder made a great English only service manual. Reference it for the computer setup. http://www.savefile.com/files/332161 Page 196, also on that page is a table with the effect of all screens.