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  1. XR 4 LIFE

    06 expansion chamber on 04 rm250??

    ok so i just ran some part numbers on some suzuki oem parts site and expansion chambers from 03-06 are all interchangeable.
  2. Hey rm250 gurus. will a 2006 rm250 expansion chamber fit on a 2004 rm250?? might be pickin up a used one in good cond. for 40 buks if it does!! thanks
  3. XR 4 LIFE

    04 rm 250 radiator bleed

    does this bike have a bleed screw on the head or radiators? If not how do i bleed the cooling system?
  4. XR 4 LIFE

    06 200 xcw for sale sf bay area

  5. XR 4 LIFE

    XR400 Help

    sea level, snorkel removed, aftermarket pipe, stock carb, run a 162 main, 62 pilot, dual taper needle with clip in middle position, and you wont have to worry about jetting issues. aftermarket air filter wont hurt either
  6. XR 4 LIFE

    New to me XR4, got some questions

    your kickstarter is most likely scraping b/c your right footpeg mount is bent towards the bike. get a new one
  7. XR 4 LIFE

    ever wanted your xr to be more like a harley?

    what was the name of that 1st video? how to ruin your kickstand 101?
  8. XR 4 LIFE

    Top end time

    I own an 06 200 xcw and after 1500 miles, i think its time to do the top end. i was talking to someone at my local ktm dealership and they said that there is a number 1 or 2 somewhere on the cylinder that signifies which factory the cylinder came from. Anybody know where this nuber is on a 2006 200 xcw? Also, is it necessary to change the needle bearing at the top of the piston rod? what about the wristpin? thanks
  9. XR 4 LIFE

    200 XCW top end

    How often should i do the top end on my 06 200 xcw? I punish it out on the trails so i was thinking about replacing it when i break 1000 miles. I've also been looking for more power, has any one tried a taller piston for a little more bottom end. Has anyone here played with different piston kits? Any feedback would be appreciated.
  10. So, my buddy twisted the left footpeg mount on his 98 xr4 and i did an awesome job replacing almost the whole left engine cradle on the frame, welded the old footpeg mount back on, and now the head of the engine drain plug hits the frame when you back it out. So what i was thinking of doing was using a set screw wrapped in teflon tape(so it doesnt go any where) but every hardware store or specialty fastener shop i go to only has 12x1.75 thread pitch. Does anyone know the thread pitch of the drain plug hole on the xr400 motor? it'll probably save me a lot of hacking. thanks
  11. Or suspension experts? If so i need to ask you how you set up your suspension because my 200 is all over the place. thanks
  12. XR 4 LIFE

    06 200 xcw powernow mods

    Has anyone tried the powernow or the powernow plus carb inserts on your 200's? how do you like it how different is the power delivery? rejetting required? any feedback would be appreciated.
  13. XR 4 LIFE

    xr frame repair

    Does anybody here have any experience repairing the left footpeg mount on xr 400's? My friend bottomed out his '98 really bad at carnegie today and twisted the bottom left engine cradle. Im going to cut out the cradle from the first bend(right under the stator) all the way back to the joint under the primary and try to use some kind of sleeve that will slide into the other half of the cradle. What do you guys think? Has anyone done it differently? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.
  14. XR 4 LIFE

    Any of you guys ride this trail? Rubicon

    i did about 5miles of it on a 95 xr 600r dualsport and turned around because the road was flooded out. dont waste your time its a jeep trail, really rocky, not a very fun dirtbike ride.
  15. XR 4 LIFE

    Anyone Gone 'Orange' & Regretted It?

    i just went from an xr400 to an 06 200 xcw. no regrets at all, in fact i love this bike all ready. i still got the xr though, i could never get rid of that f**kin hog. My advice would be to pull the trigger on that ktm 200... you wont regret it at all