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    GOD, family, vintage dirt bikes, my Harley
  1. David R1

    Trouble with 1977 xr75

    Running a pod filter usually requires a jetting change because you are getting more air than you would through the stock airbox. And qa/qc on cheap ebay carbs is spotty. Try a new or used correct carb, and if you get a used one get a rebuild kit too. Honda Oem parts are preferred and I have had good luck with the Keyster brand of carb kits sold on ebay.
  2. David R1

    Xr50 stock intake manifold

    Another good source for stock parts is Planet Minis. those guys all mod their bikes and sell the oem parts cheap in their classifieds.
  3. David R1

    Crf100f rear tube

    We love my wife's 2001 XR100 and have had it since fall of 01. Anyway, I just looked at the Dennis Kirk catalog and it indicates the 3.00x16 is the OEM tire for both of our bikes so I would try either the 3-3.25 or 2.75-3.
  4. Looks like a 74 or 75 KX with a its shocks laid down, I had a new one in 74 and would jump on it quick!
  5. David R1

    If you own a 2 stroke,please reply once.

    Love my 98 CR250. Add handguards, a flywheel weight and a low-end pipe if you need it and enjoy.
  6. David R1

    Help identifying vintage bike

    Kawasaki has been selling this bike since around 1972 or so, parts are cheap and plentiful, and so are parts bikes and projects. I see them on Craigslist all the time. I would not pay more than $100-$150 for it even if what is present is in decent shape.
  7. David R1

    Ossa TR77 wiring diagram

    Adrian, If you still need help try the OSSA group in Yahoo. There is good mix of off road, mx and trials owners there and most are extremely technical savvy. Dave
  8. David R1

    1989 rm/rmx250

    Did you sell?
  9. David R1

    1989 rm/rmx250

    I've not logged in for a few weeks; first thing I did was check your progress. Very glad to see you're riding it now. My '91 RM125 is still stalled.
  10. David R1

    1989 rm/rmx250

    Still following your progress. Agree that you've gone this far and probably best to see it through whether you keep it or not.
  11. David R1

    1989 rm/rmx250

    Bike is looking awesome!
  12. David R1

    1989 rm/rmx250

    I would try it without any type of sealer on the head gasket first. If it does not seal then try alternatives.
  13. David R1


    I've had a couple of 175s but never a 125. The KE was their enduro model and the KDs were the same bike without the street gear. For their day they had good power and handling for a Japanese produced trail bike. I still like riding ours' and keep it around to trail ride with the kids. If that one was close I'd be all over it.
  14. David R1

    early-mid 90's MX build

    I love my '98 CR250 and before it I had a '89 YZ250. I liked the YZ too but the difference between them was tremendous because of their model years. Of the bikes you mention I would be sweet on the '93 CR250; rumor has always been that McGrath liked it so well that he stuck with a '93 based bike for several years and Honda dressed it up in new plastic.
  15. David R1


    Sounds like a great project, I've been in the mood to do something similar. I look forward to following your progress.