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  1. jmc66

    Jack-50 Helmet Cam

    Wish the vids were longer!! They were great
  2. jmc66

    What a deal? TE250

    I bought a 05 Husky TE 250 from my local Hon/Kaw dealer last month for $2400.00. This guy buys a kaw about every 8 months for his son. he thought he would buy a bike to ride , but realized he can't keep up. The dealer took it toward a new bike at $2300.00. The dealer said give me $100.00 over and it is yours! The bike looks and rides brand new. This bike is a blast to ride!
  3. jmc66

    TE250 Deposit Placed Today

    I have a 2003 KTM exc for sale in Northern VA
  4. jmc66

    Anyone need a Rooster skid plate?

    Hey, DO you have all the screws and other hardware (if needed)? I have a 2005 TE 250 that and I would like to have skid plated. If still available, can you call me at 703.932.7730?