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  1. gsguy

    2001 ttr 125 wont start

    I've allways just removed the air cleaner and give it a shot then crank it and it should fire off for a couple of seconds and then die back out.
  2. gsguy

    new TTR50 owner

    Another new TTR 50 and 110 owner. I've searched the site looking for ideas to hook up a battery tender lead so I won't have to remove the batteries for charging inbetween rides, any ideas? My first thought was remove the OE terminal from the connector body by releasing the retaining tab and the tools I've used in the past on other terminals is letting me down. My thought was remove OE terminal, solder wire to back of OE terminal both pos and neg, put back into terminal and be on my way but I'm striking out on getting the little tab to release the terminal. Anybody wire this thing and if so how and if you removed the terminal from the connector please provide guideance all electrical wizard one. Thanks
  3. gsguy

    DR200se Foot peg up-grade

    Sorry folks I've done a search and could not find any information on replacement foot pegs for a 06 DR200se. I'm sure somebody has replaced these pegs. What model/s will interchange with the 200? Thanks in advance.
  4. gsguy

    Need some quick DR200 Oil-Change help

    New DR owner here too and wondering about the drain plugs, can I just remove one or should I remove them both? The illistration in the online manual is hard to see but it looks like there is only one drain plug illistrated.
  5. Sent a PM (I think) it was kind of a strange redirect and it had my personal e-mail listed so keep an eye out. Cheers
  6. gsguy

    Seattle/Tacoma area need a DRZ400S?

    Jon, back a while ago I walked in there and they would not give me the time of day when I was looking for a replacement DRZ. They seemed to busy surfing the web I would not waste my time.
  7. gsguy

    gearing and chain length

    So I'm in need of new chain and sprokets on my DRZ. Is there a good way to figure the chain lengh to order? I was planning on going with the 14/46 sproket combo. Again the big question alluminum or steel? The bike is used approx 20% dirt and 80% dual sport adventure riding. Average weight added to the bike (my fat ass and my stuff) 250lbs. Is there a good place to buy thru, I was just going to use the TT store. Thanks for any help, it's been a few years since I've replaced chain and sprokets.
  8. gsguy

    Shelton Valley Dual Sport

    It was a good ride and a nice turn out. Thanks again to the PSERs for a fantastic day.
  9. gsguy

    snoqualmie pass

    You would'nt have any recent gps tracks that you would like to share
  10. And they wonder why thay can't get a better job, maybe it has to do with there lack of job and personal skills.
  11. gsguy

    Tires - Trailwing take offs?

    So anybody local interested? I don't want to mess around with shipping tires.
  12. gsguy


    You are right. http://members.w-link.net/~doriak/docs/dualsport_flyer.pdf
  13. I'm trying to figure out how to put this in words so bear with me. If you can show an estimate for the vehicle you are trying to transfer title on for work needed on that vehicle they will take the price of the estimate off the top of the value of the vehicle. Example. Your paid 2,000.00 Bill of sale says 1,000.00 state says its worth 2,200.00 estimate shows 1,200.00 state will charge tax on 1,000.00 This maybe a little difficult for a motorcycle if the dealer does not want to give you a writen estimate lets say for engine rebuild and replace bent forks when the bike really does not need the work, but really pretty easy for a car. Now this is how it was a few years ago when I bought my last used car and bike.
  14. gsguy

    Isssaquah Area anyone know of a place close to ride?

    Looks like all you guys are riding non plated bikes so the closest would be Reiter if you have not figured that out yet.
  15. gsguy

    Tires - Trailwing take offs?

    Set of deathwings here. Taken off DRZ400s approx 700 miles of wear and have sat for a little over a year. Redmond area if interested, I'll sell them cheap or for as much as somebody will pay