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    i love to go ridin with friends and family
  1. got to give it up for james he is fast when hes not crashing, but look where he is in the standings after a few races behind a rookie maybe his days are numbered!!!
  2. thanks for all the input guys, way to help a brotha out!! guess its time for a new top end.
  3. time to move up to the bigger road jumps now boys
  4. yes it overheated two weeks ago, and yes it does still do it after warming up please help thanks
  5. i have an 06 kx450f i noticed that it smokes white smoke when i blip the throtle from idle i have about 50 to 60 hrs on it since i last adjusted my valves and to my knowledge there has never been a top end rebuild. can anyone tell me why the white smoke is happening thanks guys.
  6. i just cant find a happy medium, i dont know if it is the 4 speed tranny or what. on my other 450s i can leave it in 2nd from a stand still to 20-25mph it is alot harder to ride shifting up and down so much more than iam used to. iam just looking for any suggesttions for my situation.
  7. I have a 06 kx450f, and i am having problems finding the right gear on trail rides. Do any of you guys have any suggestions?? thanks!!!
  8. please help, i just bought a o6 450, is there anything i need to know....problems.....needed uprgrades or anthything useful thanks
  9. i went to e street mx on thurs. it is a bad a>> track while we were there we went over and checked out them working on marysville track it looked good will be open on april 1st.
  10. cool vid and nice track wish i had a place to play like that..
  11. how about...... i didnt meant that when i said you have to kiss my ass!!
  12. pretty fast!!!! definately km.hr. though
  13. pretty cool bro i think i might bite on that on.
  14. nice looking bike bro rims and hubs are bad aZZ!!!!
  15. my 07