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  1. pjr6758

    wr450 Exhaust Valve Failure

    Thanks all for the replies.....once I tear it down, I will fill you all in with the failure details.
  2. pjr6758

    wr450 Exhaust Valve Failure

    I am assuming that it is the valve cotter....i have yet to disassemble the head/cam etc but I can see the top of the valve stem in the exhaust port of the head......I am really bothered by this as I like to go on long dual sport rides with buddies and a failure like this a few hundred miles out in the boonies would be a pain in the rear.
  3. Anyone experienced an exhaust valve failure? I have a 2004 WR450, with approximately 2000 miles. I have kept up on all the maintenance, including monitoring valve clearances. Lost the valve cotter and the valve has dropped into the cylinder. Any ideas? I bought the WR specifically for the bullet proof top end (unlike the 450x), now I am troubled by this event. Thanks
  4. pjr6758

    yz250f vs. yz450f

    well thanks for all the help, i will have to try and test ride a yz 250f.
  5. pjr6758

    yz250f vs. yz450f

    I have done all the free mods to my wr and that made a difference with the power...
  6. pjr6758

    yz250f vs. yz450f

    Oh yeah i am a newB for sure... haha but i weigh 150 and am 6'. I usually stick to deserts with my wr but i have been hittin up the tracks more often now. I dont really have a problem with the bikes weight when i am at the track it is the suspension which even after adjustment it is not the same as a yz's.
  7. pjr6758

    yz250f vs. yz450f

    I am looking at the yz's for as a new track bike and dont know which size is the best for the track. I have a wr250 now.