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  1. sUzUkim0t0x125

    SDG Brakes

    the pads are from a kx or yz 125. i got a set from p3 racing for $25.
  2. sUzUkim0t0x125

    swingarms and forks

    get a +2 swinger and if you go larger, youll need forks. it you get a +2 you should be fine w/ +1 fork legs.
  3. sUzUkim0t0x125

    Collarbone How Long?

    i konw this isnt really my collar bone but its in the same area. a while ago i seperated my shoulder at a hocky game and was out for 1 1/2 months of riding and hockey and in a sling for a month. i waited out the time and went through no physical therapy. but about 2 months ago i ""dislocated" my shoulder but it popped back in by itself. i was atop the roped in phys ed and it just gave in. im sure it popped back in when i hit the ground. they said it was a subluxation or somethin like that. and ive been out ever since. i go back to the orthapedic in 1 week. and i MIGHT be able to ride and go back to my regular schedual. its been 1 month of therapy so far and i stop the day before i go to the orthapedic again. do you think it was ralted to the initial seperated shoulder? thx for your help
  4. sUzUkim0t0x125

    Ssr-125 D

    you have just motivated me to buy 1. once i scrape up the cash.
  5. sUzUkim0t0x125

    what is the top speed of a drz 125

    In motocross, it's not how fast you go, but only how much ass you haul to get there!
  6. sUzUkim0t0x125

    Thumper FMX!

    I think RC is sick but hes a sell out in my book. i love Stewart and Millsaps.
  7. sUzUkim0t0x125

    05 drz125 tank stickers bubbling???

    hey..srry dude. i forgot it was for a blue bike LOL. i gues just poke the holes or buy the BBR graphics. thatll look nice w/ the blue i think.
  8. sUzUkim0t0x125

    05 drz125 tank stickers bubbling???

    i havent even seen a kit for the blue bikes. you'll prob. have to settle for n-style or BBR at dennis kirk or BBR. (P.S.i think the ECC ones look a bit goofy too.)
  9. yeah i know but i was told that the 125/200 open class was a four troke class. but i guess they were wrong. so ill be racing w/ the 85's i guess.
  10. when i rode an 85 i thought i was so much faster than my drz but w/ some mods and help from my sponsors i should keep up i guess. thx all
  11. hey once again, ive got the biggest noob question ever lol. i have no clue what class i am to reace in. i ride a drz 125l. if you guys can check out www.capewayrovers.com out for me ill be so happy. im 100% completely stumped! i have heard that i should race in the 125c class but itll be all 2 strokes and then i heard the 125/200 open c class. i thought that would be right but iwas told no. i have no clue at all. any help will be greatly appreciated.its so sad cause i have a sponsor lined up too. i just stumped!
  12. sUzUkim0t0x125

    05 drz125 tank stickers bubbling???

    if you are looking for some new graphics, the def. go to... http://www.escondidocyclecenter.com/Item/TeamECC-DRZ125-2003graphics.htm they are only $40 for the kit w/ seat cover and all and not to mention they look sick.
  13. sUzUkim0t0x125

    bars on my drz 125l

    where do i get them???
  14. sUzUkim0t0x125

    110 motard

    wish i had the money to do that. all my money tied up in race bikes.
  15. sUzUkim0t0x125

    bars on my drz 125l

    i need to put some bars on my 03 drz 125. any suggestions?? i cant find any websites w/ bars for my bike. need some help. moose, pro taper, renthal, ect. need some websites too.