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  1. 321racer

    NewJersey E Town LLQ Pics

    Does anyone know who was taking pics at etown for the llq besides mxptv???
  2. 321racer

    Mototown update?

    i think im gonna head to mototown tonight for the 5-9 session.... anyone else going?
  3. 321racer

    New MX track in Oxford MA!

    I went to Oxford MX Park today.... It is not worth a long drive. The few jumps there are, are TINY. The track is very hard packed with a layer of silt on top of it. You just blew right through the berms if you hit them hard. Maybe with a little water the dirt would be better and they could fix the layout, but the way it is i was not very impressed. Hopefully they can get the track nice so that it can stay open.
  4. 321racer

    New MX track in Oxford MA!

    Its actually a different track than the guy that was trying to get people to go ride. Let us know how it was... I think im gonna go over there on sunday.
  5. 321racer

    Massachusetts Monson Hill Climbs

    Does anyone know the prices for doing the hillclimbs?? i know the first one is April 18th. The site doesnt mention anything about prices. www.quaboagridersmc.com
  6. 321racer

    2006 yz250 radiator

    theres nothing on ebay as of right now. thanks though guys. If anyone has one let me know!
  7. 321racer

    2006 yz250 radiator

    Does anyone have a left side radiator for sale???? I know the 05 and newer yz250 radiators will fit but will a 125 radiator fit?? If anyone has one for sale email me at race321mx@yahoo.com or message me on here. thanks
  8. 321racer

    06 yz 250 engine noise? NOW WITH PICS!

    my clutch was working fine too... until i took it apart and found a broken clutch plate.
  9. 321racer

    06 yz 250 engine noise? NOW WITH PICS!

    my bike did the same thing, a rattling noise at low rpms. We went throught everything trying to get it ready for a race a few days later. Opened up the clutch and found that a clutch plate had shattered. Check that.... real easy to take apart.
  10. 321racer

    Freetown Trails MASS

    can you ride a street legal dual sport in the freetown state forest or do you need to get it registered for offroad use too?
  11. 321racer

    Who is from Rhode Island

    They dont really say anything if your on a 2 stroke.
  12. 321racer

    Who is from Rhode Island

    I think the 94 db level is more for the 4 strokes because they carry sound a lot further. just throw the stock exhaust back on your bike. Thats what i do.
  13. 321racer

    Who is from Rhode Island

    im from mass but im pretty close to ri. I rode at the track in tiverton quite a bit until i broke my wrist. I should start going back over there within the next few weeks. #821 B plates on a yz250
  14. 321racer

    aftermarket clutches???

    ive never had any problems with aftermarket clutch plates breaking. but i have had stock plates break/shatter in the past (04rm125 and 06yz250)