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  1. I have been using OTB's for a few years and like them. My current favorites are Klim Dakars. They are super comfortable and have great ventilation. They are actually surprisingly good at keeping me dry in light rains. I have no problem getting braces and boots on after the pants, and I wear one presription brace.
  2. Pirelli Scorpion Pro: Wearing well, angle side knobs seem to work well. Seems to work in all conditions.
  3. cipri7

    Ktm Rock Hard Seat

    I have the EE standard soft on my 525 and my only regret is that I did not get it sooner. I actually liked the factory seat, but noticed that on the full day epic rides it became uncomfortable. Probably because I like to stand as much as possible. The EE seat is just superb on the all day type rides, but I notice the comfort factor anytime I transit on roads or sitting type situations after a ride. The other thing I like is that in technical hack I am just a bit closer to the ground when sitting and this has improved my control of the bike in these situations.
  4. cipri7

    Sore ass!!

    I used the same soft EE seat. It was absolutley worth it.
  5. cipri7

    Power now question

    I used the HT Racing vane (after the carb) on my 525 and really like the results. You can call them and discuss, they were very helpful to me. They give 100 % money back guarantee. You may have to change jetting back to stock. As I understand their approach, it is a flow and volume correction, not just flow turbulence as in the Power Now.
  6. cipri7

    450/525 EXC questios

    I have a 525 exc and it is fine on the road, but I do not use it much for that. I do have an Enduro Engineering soft seat (well worth the cost!). I did have a DRZ 400E and the KTM vibrates less, so not sure what those comments are about. The DRZ was a dog on the street with the 4 speed and was unhappy after about 65 mph. I have my 525 geared down to 13/52 and it is still happy at 85 MPH at altitude. At 85 I start to feel uncomfortable on pavement with the knobbies anyway. The only other thing is the high front fender and wind. But I guess that is where the DRZ was better... it weighed about 35 lbs +/- more than my 525, so that probably helps with the wind. I do not mean any insult to DRZ's, it was OK for what it was... a basic knock around bike. It is not even fair to compare it to a KTM.
  7. cipri7

    2007 vrs 2008 KTM 450 EXC

    Why not just plan on waiting until the second year of the new engine so things get "debugged." I know this new engine is race tested, but it is still pretty new. The RFS has been really solid, so why worry? The valve adjustment is super easy and not that frequent after break in anyway (at least in the EXC with stainless valves).
  8. cipri7

    Amsoil for a 450

    I like the 20w50 Amsoil better, except for cold weather. Also, Amsoil tech service recommends the 20w50. Make sure you use the motorcycle specific oil for the wet clutch.
  9. I have the clarke natural on my 05 525. I don't care if it turns yellow as I like to be able to see fuel levels. It allows the use of the cooling fan, which the IMS does not. Everything fits very well- no modifications were necessary. I have been happy with it.
  10. cipri7

    Best CO dealer to get WR250F?

    Apex in Colorado Springs. Good on accessory and parts prices also. They do not tack on big dealer/freight fees, either.
  11. cipri7

    New Tech 3 Boots!!!!!!!!!

  12. Congratulations- and get in line for the orange blood transfusion. Sometimes when I am doing routine maintenance on my KTM I just sit back and admire the beauty of it- the engineering, metallurgy, all of it. What a machine!
  13. cipri7

    New 525 EXC Owner

    I have the 05 525. The HT racing vane corrected my jetting issues 100%. I did get the fan (it is one fan on the right side) and it was very much worth it. I do not think you need the oil cooler (which is made by HT Racing also) unless you are doing some radical, long events. The extra oil and cooler temps would make your bike last longer, though. Congratulations on your new bike!
  14. cipri7

    KTM aluminum perimeter frame?

    Too bad there are not any good stats on broken frames, especially after year one. Aluminum has fatigue problems that make it inferior to CRMO on the frame IMHO.