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    05 250x popping on deceleration

    Found problem, since my bike has the smog pump, it was the cause of the "air leak" which caused the popping on decel. Eddie in the jetting section reccomended removing and or blocking off the air pump. I used 3 steel ball bearings in the air inlet, outlet and vacum line and left it on. No more popping at all, problem solved. This was also with no jetting changes . Ron
  2. Eddie, you were right. I blocked off the smog inlet air ,outlet air ,and vacum supply to pump with 3 ball bearings and left pump intact. Cost 1.50 and about 30 minutes time. No more popping on deceleration!! Thanks again, Ron
  3. Thanks Eddie for the advice. I will try the block off kit. Ron
  4. Yes it is ( Calif. Model) and the smog pump is still intact. What would removing it acomplish? Would it require a jet change.
  5. rvann

    05 250x popping on deceleration

    Thanks for the replys.. I will play with the Pilot Jet Screw first. Also check exhaust for leaks...using soapy water in spraybottle while running. What performance gain will removing the smog pump acomplish?? It is not driven by the power of the motor other than vacum. And if it is removed, what jetting will it change if any. Yes, my carb boot connections are very tight. If you can think of anything else, let me know. Ron
  6. rvann

    05 250x popping on deceleration

    Just installed JD kit , 160 main, red needle on 5th clip and 42 pilot, Zip Tye out 2 turns, Air box opened, backfire screen removed, stock muffler drilled out 13/16"at inner diffuser end. Bike is Calif. model with smog pump still installed. Sea level to 2oooft. Bike starts and runs excelent, accelerates instantly from bottom to top( NO BOGG AT ALL). Only issue is on long decelleration, one or several pops come out of the tailpipe. What is causing this as it did not do it with the lean stock jetting. Any help appreciated. Ron
  7. Just put in the JD Jet kit, Red needle 5th clip,160 main, 42 pilot, Zip tye 2 turns out, Air box mod, twin air filter w/ backfire screen removed, Stock muffler insert drilled 13/16 in at end. Bike accelerates excelent, no bog at all, no flat spots, very impressive compared to stock... only complaint is on long deceleration it pops 1 to 3 times out the tail pipe. (Did not do this with the stock 130 jet, 40 pilot and stock needle) If it was not doing this, I would say the jetting is perfect the way it starts, runs and accelerates. What can I do or try to clean this up? Any advice appreciated. Ron