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  1. I'm looking for some people to trail ride with near Jackson. If anyone wants to make some smoke this weekend or any other time, PM me or give me a call: Kevin (231)313-0923
  2. specialk6r

    2000 WR400 Smells hot....is that normal

    With proper jetting you ought to be able to keep it from boiling over while riding unless you crawling around in really hot weather. I also wouldn't ever idle it for more than a couple minutes (about the time it takes me to put on my boots and helmet.) That said, even when my bike is running great it has a distinct smell. It's sort of a mix of burning coolant and rubber, and I can smell it slightly whether the bike just got started and immediately turned off or I've burned a half tank without stopping. Hope that explains something.
  3. specialk6r

    Lowering a WR450...Pro's and Con's?

    It's turning slower because by dropping the rear you increased the rake (a-la west coast choppers.) I know that everyone says to have a suspension shop do it right by installing shorter springs, but for a trail cruiser couldn't you just drop the fork in the triple clamps the same amount as you lowered the rear? Seems like that would maintain stock geometry. What am I overlooking?
  4. specialk6r

    Hot Start failure - dirt in engine

    Even though you're a YZ rider, I appreciate the response just the same. And good call on lubing the o-ring. The manual didn't say to, but I don't think a little lithium grease could hurt anything.
  5. specialk6r

    Hot Start failure - dirt in engine

    I bet I'd get a couple pages of responses if I changed the title to "Will this bike do good wheelies?"
  6. In typical fashion, the plastic nut on my hotstart was stripped but still holding ok. After the ride I checked my oil and noticed it looked a bit darker than normal. That's when I noticed that the hotstart was actually loose, and there was gas/dust residue on the carb. When I pulled the hotstart plunger out I noticed dirt and grim on the bottom of it. I already have the Zip-Ty replacement, but what else can I do to prevent further damage? My thoughts were clean the carb and flush the oil 2-3 times. Should I be worried? I'm wondering how much dirt could get sucked past the plunger. Thanks
  7. I moved to Salt Lake yesterday morning, and am excited to get riding. I know there's several jetting threads to help me decide, but it'd be easier to copy someone else's setup as a starting point. My bike is a 03' with free mods and GYTR baffle. What works for you? Also, if anyone has a favorite Yamaha stealership, I'd like to have a look. Thanks a lot fellas.
  8. specialk6r

    WR 450 for a 13/14year old

    Ummm, you're a quite a bit bigger than most 13-year-olds. Would you have been able to "muscle around" that bike 4 years ago?
  9. specialk6r

    WR 450 for a 13/14year old

    When I was 13 I still thought my YZ80 was quick, and was marginally ready for a 125 smoker. I suppose I was a little smaller than average, but the 450 is a big bike. I'd guess he's gonna have a hard time keeping it from falling over if he gets off balance in the slow stuff.
  10. specialk6r

    Picked up new WR450 2006

    In addition to what you're already thinking about, pick up a set of good aluminum handguards. For the rest you can do searches and find what most people like, but I'll give you the abbreviated version of the popular favorites: skid plate - Utah Sport Cycle (also sold by Moose) frame guards - take your pick, they mostly just protect the paint rad guards - Unibiker (TT'er made, they're the hands-down favorite) dampner - Scotts (opt for the sub-mount if you're much over 6')
  11. specialk6r

    anyone running Electorsport's DS kit?

    Too expensive for me. The reason I was looking at Electrosport is that they go on ebay for under $300 from time to time. I got a PM from a nice guy that said he had big problems with his - wrong parts sent, and very poor customer service. Anyone else have a similar experience?
  12. I haven't heard of anyone on here actually using one. It's real expensive, but looks pretty compact with a keyed ignition built in. http://www.electrosport.com/shopping_dakar/prod_ddsk_94266DK1.html The rear end of the kit bolts right onto the YZ rear fender that many of us run. Anyone have any real experience with this stuff?
  13. specialk6r

    Which year and motor WR should I get??

    I don't think anyone will argue with getting the newest one you can afford. The possibile exception might be the 07, as some favor the huge body of knowledge of the older models to the more advanced newer aluminum frame.
  14. specialk6r

    Street legal 450WR? Where can it be done?

    Good point. Most dealerships are completely worthless. The one by me never even has oil filters for my streetbike, and it happens to be the same filter that half the bikes they sell use. I thought it might just be the ones by me. Sorry to hear that none of them stock even basic, common parts.
  15. specialk6r

    Street legal 450WR? Where can it be done?

    I think that statement is one of the "obvious reasons" he wants a "more common bike." There's just not enough Husky dealers. It's nice when there are several dealers nearby that can get you parts so you don't have to do everything online. And in the past KTM has gained a bit of a reputation of being shiesty with getting parts to the US. I know they're getting better, but it's still something to consider. That said, if the EXC's had the track record for reliability that WR's have, I'd be the first in line. That hydro clutch is pretty dreamy at the end of a long day.