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  1. 33 and been riding since 13. I love the 230. Nothing better on a trail. Just remember a fast bike with a slow rider, is still a slow bike.
  2. My son jumping his 70. Such a proud dad
  3. I went with a 128 main, stock pilot and the "Power up" needle in the middle slot. Runs great with no issues and a nice tanish grey color on the plug. I ride at 1000-1500'.
  4. The worse problem I have had is after sitting for 2 months it cranked over a little slow. Could be a bad cell on the battery it self. lead acid batteries do not generally like getting shaken up. Since you say it was having trouble running even after the bump start I would say it's a bad cell and was causing a large drain on the stator. Did it restart after the long ride? If not it's time for a new battery. And I would check the voltage output while I was down there just to make sure the stator is not shot.
  5. Sure the choke is not actually on? I did that a couple times, thought the choke was off but it was actually on. I have a 50 and a 70 and both start just fine without a choke down to ~50 degrees. Once they are a little warm they act alot like what you are describing with the choke on. Just a thought, it happened to me
  6. I ran 8 in the front and rear in Glamis and now I have sand in my rear tire and rotated tube in the front. I will be sticking with a min of 10 all around.
  7. That is interesting. I did the "Power up" kit and used a 128 main with the stock pilot and 1.5 turns and no bogging at all. Very smooth power delivery. I am at 1500' and riding in ~60F. Was it maybe still cold?
  8. These guys thought they where bad also. Project 230 bike