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  1. thanks for the parts link. i have never found any place w/ lower oem prices than - until now. the swingarm bearings were 14.12 at ronayers, and 12.57 at service honda. cool! ronayers has the fiche, though. sure is nice to look at the fiche and then just click on the part number to the left to add a part to your cart. tom j.
  2. Bueller?? Guess not..... Guess I'll get oem from ronayers. Tom j.
  3. Anybody ever try the swingarm bearing replacement kits (ebay) that replace the needle bearings with teflon coated steel washers? I need to replace all the bearings in mine, and wasn't sure if these were a good idea or not.... Tom J.
  4. don't know about dirtbkr188, but is great. (can't beat the prices, either) tom j.
  5. how much? and what does it look like? in the pic in the link below, i need number 3 and not number 4 :
  6. the threads on the rear axle are messed up and i need to get a die to clean them up... i measured it and it's about 15.5mm..... anybody know what size tap to use? (15mm-1.5, 16mm-1.75, ... ??) thanks. tom j.
  7. thanks. not sure if it's any better to starty with, though...! lots of missing pieces. thank god for ebay! what type of paint was that? (enamel?) tom j.
  8. I looked at the Wiseco pistons online and I'm thinking that's what I have. I can find Wiseco ring sets online, but I sure couldn't find JE 1.5 ringsets anywhere. Tom J.
  9. So I guess you can't buy just rings for these? The seller said they were JE's. They might be Wiseco. Anyway, no pointers on where to look for rings?????? Tom J.
  10. So I guess it's paint? (thought maybe powdercoat) What kind of paint was it? Thanks. Tom J. (currently doing the same to an 87xr200)
  11. i recently bought an 87xr200. it's in bad shape and i'm going through everything to see what i need. it came with two 66mm je pistons, but no rings. the pistons look fairly new. i've searched and searched online and can't find anywhere that sells just the rings for those pistons.... thanks tom j.
  12. it's a different person buying the older one....
  13. no picture yet. i'm getting the bike in the next couple of days. have only been over to look at it so far.
  14. thanks! any experience with getting aftermarket pipes welded? (i think it's an fmf or 2 brothers and looks like stainless) it's cracked right where the pipe goes into the silencer.
  15. i'm getting an 87 xr200r this week and it'll need either 1) the aftermarket muffler welded where it connects to the pipe or 2) a different muffler. do all years xr200 interchange? thanks (search turned up nill) tom j.