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  1. nadolski

    2011 Betas Official US Specs

    Haychip, Any word on the gear ratios in the new motor? How do they compare to those in the KTM RFS motor.
  2. nadolski

    Calif. 08' Beta 525RR Plated???

    I ended up with 50/14 on my 525RS. It is tolerable for a short distance on the freeway and fine for back roads but low enough for single track. I first tried 14 with the stock 45 rear sprocket but I felt that was still to high for the dirt.
  3. nadolski

    Love my Beta!

    Hey guys, I also did not care for the RS stock rear fender. I thought it was not very well supported, especially when it got muddy, it kind of flapped around. I put a Beta RR fender and taillight on my 2008 RS525. It bolted on and cost about $50 from the local Beta dealer, RPS. I pitched the turn signals. I will post a pic if you are interested.
  4. nadolski

    Is Georgetown open?

    You can call the Georgetown ranger station at 530-333-4312 to get the status on the trails there. Only the west side trails are currently open.
  5. nadolski

    Beta RS 450 or 525?

    451sonex, The thing I really liked about the DRZ is its a very low low maintenance bike. Check the chain, tires gas it up an go riding. There is a lot to be said for that. The Beta has shorter maintenance intervals, but it has been very reliable. I have almost 2K miles on it and I have never had to use the kick starter! The Beta has alot more power. That is fun on the street! I feels lighter, especially in the front. It feels like it is sized for a smaller person and I like that, I am 5' 9" and 170 lb. The ergonomics are such that it is very confidence inspiring in tight situations. The seat is very firm, it encourages one to stand on the pegs more, I think there is a trials influence there. I miss the DRZ seat, it was much more comfortable. Well thats my input to the De-beta! happy trails!
  6. nadolski

    Beta RS 450 or 525?

    I have an rs525 with stock jetting. I don't push it that hard but I have fun. I get 50 mpg consistently on a 60/40 mix of country roads and dirt riding. I used to get about 55 mpg on a drz400s also stock jetting.
  7. This looks like a nice bike for $3500. Specs are basically a DRZ400s with inverted forks and a six speed. Maybe this will motivate Suzuki to upgrade their 10 year old design!
  8. nadolski

    My new 525 Beta

    Congrats on your new bike! I have a 2008 525 also. It has almost 2000 miles now with no problems at all. The only mods I made are lower gearing (14/50), handle bar lever protectors and I replaced the stock rear fender with one from an RR model. I found the stock RS rear fender was a bit flimsy and tends to flap around some with the weight of the turnsignals and the DOT tail light on it. The rr fender looks alot cleaner and it bolted right on.
  9. nadolski

    Master Beta takes Baja 500

    That is so cool. Go Beta!
  10. nadolski

    HUGE Exotic bike pic collection

    Very cool pics. Saw a few old Suzukis in there. I used to have a 1982 PE175. Nice bike back in the day!
  11. nadolski

    2010 dr-z450s...

    I had a 2003 drz400s. Great bike. I had 8000 trouble free miles 50/50 dirt street. My biggest beef with the bike is the 5 speed transmission. Not enough range for a dual sport. The DRZ is due for the 10th year upgrade. I would like to see a 2010 drz 500 with 6 speed and 30 lb. lighter.
  12. nadolski

    New Beta 525

    Thanks for the comments and tips. I will post an update after I get some more time on her.
  13. nadolski

    New Beta 525

    Hi guys. I just wanted to share some pics of my new beta 525. http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/images/smilies/banana.gif Its a 2008 model. Any one else out there have one? I just rode it home from the dealership so I haven't ridden it much yet, but it runs nice. Lots of torque, it was hard to hold back and observe the break in limits. The brakes are real good. I like the relatively low seat height (I am 5'9"). The seat is firm but shaped well.
  14. nadolski

    Advice on dual sport choice

    I am the same size as you. The XR650L is way too big for any serious dirt riding. The DRZ400s is very reliable, low maintenance and is light enough to ride in the dirt.
  15. I will be there. Thanks for the heads up.