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  1. Funny how you own a bike for so long and not know a common problem with it. Just stripped down my bike today an noticed a crack at the top of the port. The power valves are carboned up real bad and it has been fouling plugs last ride. Some people have said to leave it?
  2. NZ Boy

    Post pics of your CR's

    Heres my 04 CR125, stock with a pro circuit exhaust
  3. NZ Boy

    CR125 fouling plugs

    Mates following me said it smelt rich like un burnt fuel and it was smoking a bit
  4. NZ Boy

    CR125 fouling plugs

    My 04 125 Which I have had no trouble with till now is fouling plugs. Its running a standard jet. 40-1 yamalube 2r. Had a new plug and fouled it after 40mins of trail riding. It had sat for 4 months (with fuel in carb) I drained carb, new fuel off I went. Done 22 hours on piston. Its not been nana riden either. Carb overhaul?
  5. NZ Boy

    YZF450 sticky carb?

    its been a year or so, gas got drained and freshend but nothing has been touched in the carb as yet, Will check it out
  6. Got a 04 YZF450 that won't idol and back fires on decell, runs fine on full noise. Hasn't been riden in a while so i think its the float valve or needle? Not an expert by any means, Any DIY help would be great
  7. NZ Boy

    01 RM125 jumping out of 2nd

    Thanks mate, its just a long list on this bike, swapped it for mine then it blew up, new cylinder and head rebuild, just got it going and now this! Would like to catch up with the guy thats for sure.
  8. I know its a common problem with RMs, it jumps from second to third, or sometimes a fals neutrel. Looking on the OEM parts list, there is 2nd gear drive and secomd gear driven, do they both need replacing? has anyone here rebuilt a RM125 box. Any help appriciated. I have a mechanic to do the job but i don't want to buy parts in New Zealand as it costly, Cheaper here!
  9. damm that would be wicked! Perfect power!
  10. NZ Boy

    Bike seized?

    How do i stop the cams from moving? ready to take off just a bit worried about jumping a tooth and not lining it up properly
  11. NZ Boy

    Bike seized?

    Aluminium, real fine. Nope, was running fine and then just lost power and stopped within a minute. Ive got the cam cover and fly wheel cover off and spark plug out and can turn it with the crank bolt (tried once, not over and over). How do i take the cam chain off?
  12. NZ Boy

    Bike seized?

    yea, a lot of filings. All through the filter to. The water had coolant in it. It doesn't usually use water and i checked it 5 hours ago. after this happened it was a long way down. i have started to pull it down, don't really know what I'm doing, but want to learn. can i simply pull the head off or is there a bit more to it? besides the gaskets.
  13. NZ Boy

    Bike seized?

    Just drained the oil, there are metal filings in the oil. the water was low so i dont know if it has cooked or what.
  14. NZ Boy

    Bike seized?

    Yea but what is seized? rings, crank, big end? not to clued up but might have a play with it to see whats up.
  15. NZ Boy

    Bike seized?

    Just riding along and the back wheel locked up and stalled. pulled the clutch in, let it out and it went. riding home it was down on power and cutting out but not stopping. got it home and it stopped. started again then stopped. now i cant even move the kick start. its got oil, but has fine filings in it. anyone know?