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  1. ochoa

    1997 XR-400r 4-sale

    how about some pictures?????
  2. ochoa

    250x Battery does not seem to hold a charge

    after working 10 years with die hard batts. i hate to tell you,but yes you have to replace the batt. once the batt sits for periods of time, specially 6 months it most likely lost it's electrolite, giving it enough to charge for a short period but not for long like it should.The next but great thing is or to concider if you can, would be a gel batt.works great with vibration.
  3. ochoa

    250x Battery does not seem to hold a charge

    hi.crf250x or xr400 someone please tell me the diff. & who would win a 500 baja race if put to the test?
  4. ochoa

    XR's Only

    QUESTION? I'M GETTING BACK IN IT AFTER 8 YEARS OF DOWN TIME, I RODE A 96 XR 400 AND NOW THEY STOP MAKING THEM. THE BIG Q. is head to head who will win 1/4 mile race xr400 or the new crf250x.