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  1. They are an Aussie Company http://www.bboffroad.com.au/ Manufacturers of specialist off road dirt bike products We have the skid plate and frame guards. Have used their stuff for years.
  2. Hey guys and thanks for the responses, I have searched Ebay, and we do buy abit of stuff from over there in the US, much cheaper. bigdrtrdr Scott from Rooster Performance, I can send them an email and ask, Depends if the post to Oz. B & B Offroad in Oz said "When we made the bashplate etc for the 06 yz we checked out the raditors. Unfortunately there are several problems - there is nowhere practical to mount them and our current rad guards are made from an extrusion we have designed and have made for the job. this current design does not fit the new YZ's. We only had the bike for 4 days but hopefully will look into it again soon" Patience Patience then i guess
  3. We saw her Race at the Oceania Motocross Championships at Barrabool in Victoria last november. She was absolutley kicking butt in the womens. Truley an inspiration to the woman racers out there. Even while it was pouring down rain she still kicked butt in the mud.
  4. Hey all, We (family of 4 with a 06 yz450, ktm 65 and a harley softail custom)have been searching for radiator guards for my hubbies bike with no luck. Have any of you guys come across them yet??? There seems to be none in Australia and B&B havent even made them yet. Any help you could give us would be greatly appreciated. Must say we have been lurking on here every now and then checking for any problems with the new 06's, and thought we would join as it is a great source of imformation. So Thanks also for the great site Vicki